Unstoppable Momentum: The Ron Paul Revolution Continues

Ron Paul achieved a huge victory in South Carolina, a state that showed itself increasingly receptive to his message of

  • cutting the budget by $1 trillion the first year,
  • auditing the Federal Reserve,
  • saving the dollar,
  • ending the income tax,
  • preserving Social Security,
  • guaranteeing a strong national defense,
  • working towards a sensible, pro-American foreign policy and
  • reminding the federal government of its defining purpose: to protect our liberties.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul’s Surge: Faster than Ever Before

Thanks to the hard work of his campaign staff, grassroots supporters, donors and SuperPACs, Ron Paul managed to more than triple (+259%) his percentage share of votes cast in South Carolina, from 3.62% in 2008 to 13% in 2012:


The number of votes cast for Ron Paul ballooned as well, more than quadrupling (+383%) from 16,155 votes in 2008 to 78,093 votes in 2012:


These results make South Carolina the state where Ron Paul has achieved the biggest rate of growth for his campaign so far.

In Iowa, Ron Paul had increased his percentage from 9.93% to 21.45% (+116%) and his number of votes from 11,841 to 26,219 (+121%).

In New Hampshire he had increased his percentage from 7.8% to 22.91% (+194%) and his number of votes from 18,308 votes to 56,872 (+211%):



Ready for more growth? The rate of growth itself keeps growing too.

Compared to the 2008 campaign, the percentage of votes cast for Ron Paul grew by 116% in Iowa, by 195% in New Hampshire and by 259% in South Carolina.

Ron Paul’s number of votes grew by 121% in Iowa, by 211% in New Hampshire and by 383% in South Carolina:


Victory Is Within Reach

Ron Paul’s message of freedom, his ardent base of supporters and his continuing surge even in states like South Carolina put him firmly on the track to winning the nomination.

The next stop is Florida on Jan. 31, where Ron Paul received 3.23% or 62,887 votes in 2008. Could there be a surprise brewing in the Sunshine State?

The weeks after Florida bring Ron Paul to three caucus states where he is expected to do very well: Nevada (13.73% in 2008), Colorado (8.42% in 2008) and Washington state (21.64% in 2008).

Let the marathon begin!

Photo by Gage Skidmore

  • AlParish

    Ron Paul wants to end all the wars immediately and bring all the soldiers back home from all 900 bases in 130 different countries. He said he would use some of the money saved to support social security and medicare. And…the voters don’t want that?Ron Paul wants to completely dismantle the Federal Reserve and return us to the gold standard so that our money has value again. And…the voters don’t want that?Ron Paul wants to end the Patriot Act immediately. And…the voters don’t want that?Ron Paul wants to secure our borders with the soldiers brought back from wars. And…the voters don’t want that?Ron Paul wants to end the drug war and make the states responsible for regulating drugs. And…the voters don’t want that?Ron Paul wants to dismantle the Department of Education and make the states responsible for educating the children in their states. And…the voters don’t want that?Ron Paul wants to get rid of property taxes so that our properties completely belong to us. And…the voters don’t want that?Ron Paul wants to get rid of most of the regulations on business so that businesses will come back to the US. And…the voters don’t want that?Goodness! What DO the voters want?


    • AlParish

      Are they looking for just another shameless liar? If so, Ron Paul is NOT their man. Are they looking for someone who is “in bed” with the mass media, big business, and “the Bilderberg Group”? If So, Ron Paul is NOT their man. Ron Paul doesn’t even participate in the government retirement plan.Ron Paul has spoken the same message for 30 years! He has consistently voted against big government. He wants what I want for us. He wants the Federal Government to stay out of our lives and he wants LIBERTY to pursue a better life. And…the voters don’t want that?

      • AlParish

        Ron is against the useless war on drugs that jails non violent criminals while the justice system allows murderers, rapists, and child molesters to get out earlyRon is against the income taxRon will get rid of the IRSRon has never taken a government-paid junketRon will reduce regulation so companies come back to the United States and create more jobsRon once offered $100 of his own money and told the rest of Congress to do the same to pay for the Congressional Medal of Honor given to Rosa Parks. No one joined him despite Congressmen earning a base salary of 174K a year.

        • AlParish

          Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who has served in the armed forces and is the only one who wants to stop the wars. Romney and the others have never served and are happy to send your sons and daughters to useless wars. This is why the media has ignored Ron Paul. If every single person spreads this message, we can get Ron in the White House. We already know that the other candidates are just more of the same government spending, more wars, and more taxes. Vote RON PAUL 2012 GOP PRIMARY!!!!!!!!!!!! Or America as we know it, will be no more.

  • DannyDillard

    I wish that I were as optimistic as you bommetji…..unfortunately….. I think that the roots of elitism are dug in much too deep …the dumbed down masses are not waking up quickly enough….someone has to light a fire under there asses…..we need conflict…..no change comes without conflict…..tsun su… art of war

    • PaulECunningham

      @DannyDillard I agree. Ron Paul has gotten the message out and repeated it enough. Now he needs to go on the attack with it and how to apply his message for real change against the elitists. The foundation is solid and well laid. Even those who roll their eyes at it already know what he stands for. They need to hear its application to more real problems. He needs to stir things up and go on the offensive against the current administration with meaty details. He needs to do the same type of criticism of his opponents. We all know he gets the most military support. We all know generally what his plans are. It’s time for brass tacks.

      • DannyDillard

        Exactly……look at what happened when newt grew a pair……

  • rocketfuel21

    There is a lot of time for this to play out. SC and Florida aren’t really even factors unless they serve to bum out any of Ron Paul’s supporters. When the field narrows down, the Dr. will have more and more opportunities to show the true colors of the others. Then imagine how easy it will be to tackle Darth Obama. The guy has given new meaning to the question, “How do you know when a politician is lying/?” “His mouth is moving.” The country is slowly receiving an education.

    • SovereignGlobalist

      @rocketfuel21 Why would a Ron Paul supporter like me be burned out? I have been a libertarian since age 20 (the year 1979) and I’m referring to a highly self-educated libertarian (I read dozens of libertarian books and essays way back then, some of which are from radicals such as Lysander Spooner, and read all of Ayn Rand’s novels and non fiction).

  • Bommetje

    The voting-machines are fixed, don’t ever think that that is not the case!!!

    Fixed fixed fixed

    Your whole country is fixed

    Every country in the world is fixed

    Wake up!! Let’s do something about it before it’s too late…..

    Ron Paul is the best answer for now and from there we can start (a worldwide) revolution…

    Without violence….

    History has pointed out all the time that a violent revolution will eventually lead to another one…

    Film the people who voted Ron Paul after they just voted for him in the machines and ask them to do it again on film (my guess would be that Ron Paul voters are not unwilling to do this)

    At least you have a record of (the minimum number) of votes for the honest man and you can always go to court if they don’t match with the official votes for him…

    We MUST make an effort to change the pathetic stuff which is going on in the world right now

    America is a good place to start


    Good luck there in Uncle Sam’s country haha

    Love, peace and most of all freedom and non-tension from

    Bommie (born in Holland, living in China)

  • DannyDillard

    You do have a point tony…. Paul is too softspoken and not a very articulate man….he himself has admitted so…..with all of this said, his message is what inspires so many…..I think that if he doesn’t win the nomination, he has began the enevitable….. maybe hoarding votes for a future rand Paul campaign?

  • Tony Wicher

    Ron Paul comes in 4th out of 4 with 13% of the vote and you call it a “huge victory”? I don’t see it that way. Ron Paul is playing the part of an innocuous gadfly who is not taken seriously and is no threat to ahybody. As long as he does not call for investigation and criminal prosecution of those who have usurped our Constitution and taken us to war after war based on a tissue of lies and false flag attacks, including the murder of thousands of American citizens on 9/11, that the “war on terror” is a fraud, and call on the veterans and active military who have supported him to stand behind him in this demand, he will not be taken seriously and will be treated as what he is – a toothless old man. @IKE1952

  • DannyDillard

    Im With you oisin…..except I think alaska will do….I have acquired a beautiful peace of land in SE alaska…..prince of whales island near ketchikan …….off the grid……actually looking to split 3 acres……..great weather…..not so cold, more like Seattle…..

    • RichrdC

      @DannyDillardAny Greek restaurants?

      • DannyDillard

        Nit sure…lol….

    • @DannyDillard

    • @DannyDillard how much u selling the acre for?

      • DannyDillard

        Who ever splits with me I will give at cost……paid 12,000 for 3 acres….will split 50/50……half upfront… as I have done the same…I put 6 thou down….so would have to give 3000….very small price for such a beautiful place…old growth redwoods and sequoia trees…ocean…salmon…snowy peaks….lol…I can’t wait…

  • RichrdC

    We can only hope there are enough adults who have faith in themselves left in this country who’ll vote for Ron Paul. We’ll have to hope freedom and individual responsibility, and a paycheck 100% their own will mean something again. I hope!

  • Oisin

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win, I am moving out of the Country!

    • SovereignGlobalist

      @Oisin I am a libertarian, but I will stay put. America will eventually return to its libertarian secular roots.

  • Davidlucky7

    This is the traditional battle of good against evil Ron Paul is putting light in dark places it is a slow process ,The light always wins in the end KEEP GOING RON YOU CANT LOOSE !!!!!

    David Brown

  • DannyDillard

    you know I just don’t understand…..the republican party has a chance to recruit and politically inspire a whole new generation of future Republicans… but instead their tossing these votes into the wind…… we will have our way one day in the future, and if they don’t wise up………political suicide?………please wise up republicans, we will have liberty , with or without you………

  • IKE1952

    Watched a Doc. on Darwin’s theory of evolution, and Intelligent design guess who believes in Intelligent design Sen.t Rick Santorum . and he Backed the Fed. Judge he got appointed by Bush, who also believes in intelligent Design . But the judge also believes in this. A trial ca,me about because of the two theories . Being taught in a school in Dover Penn.That’s all we need in the White house is a trigger happy Religious righteous nut .. Sorry to say it but its the last thing we need soon as he crosses the White House threshold, we will be bombing the hell out of any Moslem country he thinks is a danger .. it will be a sad . day for us ..

  • John Clayton

    I still hope voters are more intelligent in florida the next poll,,
    than in SC picking 2 crooks over ron paul

  • Riastrad

    Let’s not kid ourselves here. Florida and SC were always out of the question. Once there was an unclear response to bin laden and foreign policy questions SC was gone. Why not emphasize congress’s role in war? Then you could assuage worries of president Paul not commuting to war as its not his role anyway. Also as supporters our chances are better in states outside the south (unless the confederate video backfires in the media and he wins deep south)

  • Leslie Short

    Results just show that most in SC are still asleep. WAKE UP, SC!

  • JoelJohnson

    Does SC use “paperless” voting?

    • Akaia_Raine

      @JoelJohnson Yes Joel, we vote electronically by touch screen. No option to write in candidates and of course there are plenty of ways the results can result in error and/or be tampered with. =(

  • karlynne

    Newt can’t win the nomination anyway since he is not on the ballot on all 50 states. My biggest concern now is that I discovered some Obama supporters are voting just to sabotage the GOP primaries. It is one thing for someone like me to vote Republican for the first time because I really want Ron Paul in. But, to vote Republican to sabotage is pretty low. I am ashamed I was ever a Democrat now. People should just research all the candidates and vote for who they really want and stop all these low tactics on both sides of the fence.

    • RickyPhilipChuter

      @karlynne Your probably right, however it will backfire on them. Ron Paul is not eloquent speaker but his message and answers at debates will bring Obama down if he gets to face him one on one.

      • karlynne

        @RickyPhilipChuter Yeah, but I don’t think they are voting for Ron Paul. They know he could beat Obama. I think they are trying to make sure RP does not get the nomination so that Obama can easily beat any of the other 3. I never knew people did this kind of thing. I actually always thought you had to be R to vote R and D to vote D. It is just sad to know people are so low.

    • Akaia_Raine

      @karlynne It really is low that they’re doing that! I’ve noticed a few of them bragging about it on different social networks and it boils my blood. I was originally really happy that SC was an open primary state because I’m an independent voter (as well as a SC native), but I never expected people would use that to their advantage as a form of sabotage! How rotten can you get?

  • JudithCoreyMD

    lilahjill – hello troll. The point was the large increase from 2008. And ‘cooler head Newt’? The big Pig-Newton isn’t going to win, SC was a fluke. Wait and see. 🙂

    • PaulECunningham

      @JudithCoreyMD Newt is an insider with so much baggage there is no way his smooth and aggressive debate skills can match up against Obama. How many female voters can pick him in good conscience? He will falter and fail and say something stupid any minute now. His ego always brings him down. I like some of his ideas, and respect his capability, but the guy can’t even maintain loyalty to his own friggin’ family, let alone this country.

  • DAgo

    If nothing else, I absolutely love the enthusiasm and positive spin on this note.

    It’s the kind of attitude that’s long overdue in America and its voters 🙂

  • DAgo

    If nothing else, I absolutely love the enthusiasm and positive spin. It’s the kind of attitude that’s long overdue in America and it’s voters.