Ron Paul Highlights at the Republican NBC News Debate in Florida

  • Newt is a nazi

  • When we hear Newt speak like Ron Paul, let’s keep in mind that Bush Jr. ran on No nation building and no policing the world. Plus we have a great indicator of how Newt will be in office, just look at his history. There’s only one true candidate running. Dr. Paul.


  • Come on Floridians…DO THE RIGHT THING! Ron Paul 2012

  • I read Gingrich has received almost $20 million from the Adelson family. Guy is worth $20 billion, weas born in Israel and wants to move the US embassy from Tel Eviv to Jerusalem. Thats why their lap dog Newt runs around calling Palestineans “invented people.” Business as usual for the guy, always on someone’s dime

  • I have no doubt in my mind Florida is going to do the right thing and elected RON PAUL on January 31.

  • Sanatorium, Gingrinch and Phomney all come across as treacherous, sneaky and full of shit. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. Ron Paul is the only one I would trust.

  • Ron Paul Money Bomb Right Now. END The TSA. Go donate at ronpaul2012[dot]com

  • Your vote will not count ONLY if you don’t vote. Thats the systems trick. They make everyone feel hopeless and that voter fraud will win.
    If 1 Million people Vote Paul in Florida , they can’t hide that. But to get that , you need to go get people that are not voting. Educate them on Ron Paul and get them to vote. How about ONE a DAY!
    Hmmm Ron Paul voters , doubling everyday? Try and hide that!

  • Excellent debate by Paul.

  • In this country, voting for Ron Paul is like praying for Jesus to come down and save you.

  • I don’t care if he gets 1 minute or 1 hour my vote is for Ron Paul

  • Unelectable.

  • No questions about the NDAA? Seriously? America = Totalitarian dictatorship. Media are the dogs of corporate empire.
    Ron Paul to change this.
    Cheers from europe. 🙂

  • Have you heard in the media that Ron Paul is unelectable. They say it all the time. Have you heard them say that?

  • Finally a high quality version!

  • 11:09 The American public…..

  • If Ron Paul becomes President, he should appoint Newt to wash & wax the Airforce One.

    • Libertarian777

      Newt would get a deferment… “I wasn’t eligible! I wasn’t eligible!”

  • The American people don’t want to go to war with Iran. The main stream media and the establishment want to brainwash the public to thinking it’s the only choice. The only way to stop this is to have Ron Paul as our new president. It’s the only way. If it’s not him, then for sure, war is in our future.

  • I wish Ron would tell us all what he would do when he gets in the white house. And how America will change.

  • this debate was a disgrace, NBC is a pathetic excuse for a “news” network