Ron Paul Highlights at the Republican NBC News Debate in Florida

  • did anyone else notice certain very odd things about ron paul in this video?????


  • He should run as an independent so he can continue to spread his message and debate Obama and piss off the establishment! America will vote for him, he just needs the stage and the attention.

  • I would vote for Ron Paul but I dont want him to die.

  • getting rid of 1000’s of military jobs, is not the way to get the economy going. If you get rid of more workers, expect for the economy to get worse. We all have to sacrifice a little. Wages in this country are way to lopsided.

  • How can Paul not be a leading candidate??/ is it where i look for news? just seems everyone i talk to loves the guy and agrees 100% with his Big issues. Please a Romney or Newt supporter come forward and explain to me why the endorse there guy.

  • RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!

  • Mitt Romney will stop wars too….all he has too do is mean mug da shit out of people.


  • i fuckin hate romneys facial expressions,lol

  • stupid americans who say obama is a bad president….
    first of some countries would give everything for a president who is corrupt and leading them to war… he is just a good president trapped in a bad face of his country

  • how much longer do you think they can ignore ron? even demo’s can’t deny his logic!!!!

  • Ron Paul did not even get to answer all the questions in the debate on CNN…how the fuck is this allowed. It was Newt and Romney all night ( dumb and dumber) with a little crazy as fuck Santorum…he is waaaaay to religious…very dangerous

  • 3:54 – What the fuck is this guy talking about – Mitt Romney

  • ron paul can talk for a million years, romney doesnt know wat to say lol he got no info


  • Grandpa Paul 2012!

  • Unfortunately Ron Paul will never become president… Because he is EXACTLY what this country needs!!!!

  • I’m atheist and damnit the christians were right all along. JESUS HAS RETURNED!!

  • because of our current foreign policy i am now deploying (again) and this time i get to miss my daughter’s first birthday, my wife’s 21st birthday, christmas, thanksgiving, my own 21st bday, and brother’s 18th bday. please vote Ron Paul. i’m tired of missing out on monumental times within my family. its easy to tell us to go to war when you fuckers aren’t the ones doin it. thanks a lot america, i fuckin hate you

  • I just have a very bad feeling if Ron Paul doesn’t make it in 2012 it is all downhill from here for the United States.