Ron Paul Highlights at the Republican NBC News Debate in Florida

  • 2:08…that was awesome…my new favorite Dr. Paul quote

    Ron Paul 2012


  • Yea when im standing here i sure agree with RP wink wink. This idea that we need to fix and help the rest of the world is bull. I want to know where all the missing kids in america are when thats done and there home and warm and fed then you warmongers can get a new shining carrier or some more PAC moneys.

  • So obvious that Ron Paul the smartest candidate up there …

  • Its disgusting, the entire debate was basically back and forwards between Gingrich and Romney, Santorum and Paul had so little time in comparison, they were even asking Gingrich questions after they had just asked one!

    So frustrating…

  • Cant win, third party. Same old same old ASKED AND FUCKING ANSWERED! Oh great, time to invade cuba newt? Did mittens take a course in “how to stand and look condescending”? Im sure they all(but Paul) have body language coaches.
    The Honorable Dr.Ron Paul. Always the smartest gentleman in the room.

  • The reporters know that asking the same 3rd Party question over and over wastes precious time during the debate. That way they don’t have to ask the difficult questions or the honest answers (we are going bankrupt)

  • For the 50th time YT is not rigging the votes.when a video gets a ton of hits at once..YT stops the counts to verify they are accurate.give the video 24 hours and it will update..ron paul 2012

  • My husband and I watched this debate last night, it was sickening how they kept asking Romney and Gingrich questions and Ron Paul had to flag his hand in the air in order to even get to respond, they rarely asked him anyway questions and the first question just pissed me off, but we loved the fact that the audience, who rarely cheered, would cheer here and there are some of Paul’s questions. I enjoy CNN debates, they are at least better at being fair than Fox, CBS, or NBC.

  • I missed the debate. Was that it? less than fifteen minutes? Figures. Gotta luv NBC. Oh well, I guess twelve minutes of reason is better than nothing. OCCUPY THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

  • Translation from Santorum: I’m willing to murder many, many people

  • Oil-for-gold: Iran to dodge US ban with metal shield?


    Ron Paul 2012 !

  • So, The debate where Ron Paul pwns everyone else more then he normally does is played down as a “boring debate”? When is the Media going to stop undermining his campaign…

  • Pro-Gaddafi forces strike back, ‘Libya out of control’


    This is why we need Ron Paul !

    • Libertarian777

      didn’t Obama and Hillary Clinton already roll out the ‘mission accomplished’ banner? I think they borrowed GW Bush’s one.. you know because they are ‘not increasing the deficit’…

  • Ron Paul IS MY PRESIDENT!!

  • Newt has no chance against Obama. He has a long history of baggage that the left can use against him, and the only ones that will be losing our if he gets the nomination are US.

  • I was very happy with Ron’s answers on foreign policy, he was strong and clear with his answers last night. He’s always got it in him but I’m glad he was able to put it so eloquently last night. The audience seemed more with him than anyone else.

  • Theres a reason the RP supporters are far more passionate than the supporters of any of the globalist candidates, we’re actually aware of reality, and realize the crisis our country is in. if you support any of these puppets running, you obviously just vote for whoever your TV says you should vote for.

    • Libertarian777

      as the bumper sticker says RON PAUL CURED MY APATHY.

      Can’t say that about any other candidate…

  • Is funny how the USA Media only talks about 3 races they hardly ever mention or interview Ron Paul live……buying the elections

  • the three stooges talk=bla bla bla….RON PAUL talks=eureka

  • Holy fucking shit! Did Newt just admit he wanted to start a revolution in cuba? What the flippin fuck!