Ron Paul Highlights at the Republican NBC News Debate in Florida

  • I don’t like republicans. Theyre all stuck up and think theyre the shit.

  • Please America, vote for Ron Paul! We need this man more than anything. He’s our only hope!!!! PLEASE PLEASE US CITIZENS, VOTE FOR THIS MAN!!!! RON PAUL 2012!


  • at 9:22 the other candidates look as though they are actually being taught a lesson by Ron Paul…he looks like their fuckin’ grandfather for Christs sake. Let’s clear all the children out of the room and leave the only REAL candidate, the only one who stands a snowballs chance in hell of winning….Ron Paul.

  • I’m in the UK and just wanted to say … forget this just being about America, THE WHOLE WORLD needs Ron Paul as US President. Obama, surprise surprise, turned out to be no better than Bush, he’s just another lying financier puppet who has stripped away your civil liberties even further by extending the “PATRIOT” ACT. Stop trying to bully and take over the whole fucking world. Billions/Trillions saved and more freedom for the people. Stop living in fear. Vote Ron Paul 2012.

  • If you vote for Romney then you FUCKEN HATE YOURSELF

  • thanks for the awesome video bro

  • Isn’t it great that they don’t let Dr. Paul get his praise. They just hurry on to the next question.

  • show me one video where any other candidate has the top comment RON FCKIN PAUL 2012 baby

  • People of America or any country when choosing a candidate to be their leader must first decide who would be able to keep their nerve if they farted followed through and shit their pants for example at a press conference in front of the world’s media ? . These chaps aiming for the White House all seem capable of controlling a serious bowel fail but Ron Paul seems the best choice .



  • Cmon RON PAUL run as a third party and split the stupid redneck vote between you and romney

    young redneck for ron paul

    old rednecks for romney

    and rationality will once again claim the presidency 🙂

  • Ron Paul is really a fine human being. It is really sad that our corrupt media will destroy yet another possible shot at having a great man for President. I hope to see the day that a good person like Ron Paul can serve as President. You young people and first-time voters should really remember this election–people like RP do not come along too often. RP–2012!

  • Could you imagine if we lived it a world where every thing we know was told/not told to us by a vicious gang of billion $ ti-rents known as the media/mafia protecting us from over whelming dangers of information being past around by people in the world of Internet and a government with are best interest at hart willing to help this gang shut down this evil interconnected world. Imagine if you lived in this world…………. Would you just sit their?

  • Im a chinese. If u dont want to vote anyone,will u do me a favor? Vote Ron Paul pleaes.

  • A funny spoof on Gingrich is Frankie reveals secrets.

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  • Is it just me or Did Ron Paul hit a home run in this debate? You could clearly see him smiling throughout this debate when the other Candidates took his positions.

  • Vote Ron Paul!!

  • Wow Dr. Paul’s an encyclopedia. We need him as president.