Ron Paul Highlights at the Republican NBC News Debate in Florida

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Too bad every god damn person in the news is crapping on him.


  • Newts comment about building on the moon, tops Herman Cains comments on Pokemon.

  • Pop quiz hot shot! Newts hair – fake or not? Discuss.

  • Newt wants to colonize the moon, because it has the word “colon” in it. Actually, he wants it built so he can drop off his current wife, as she sneezed the few times…she must be dying.

  • If only Ron Paul would say something crazy…like colonizing the moon. : P

  • The Jews are going against Ron Paul he needs to be heard

  • florida we need to save the country no more corrupts politicians we need to vote for ron paul to save the country

  • Imagine Ron Paul naked.

  • Please come help “WatchtheVote2012” (on facebook) fight against voter fraud. We need vote monitors in Colorado, Minnesota, Maine, and Nevada, to ensure the number of people attending the caucus matches the total votes using a head count or checking register signatures. They also take pictures of the Tally sheet or write down the vote count. Please consider being a vote monitor and joining our cause at WatchTheVote2012 or share this all over the internet. THANK YOU

  • I’m a Democrat but I feel I need to vote for who will change this country. This guy has my vote forsure.

  • I shook Ron Paul’s hand today!

  • its sad to see how much paul is ignored during these debates, wihs he would be able to share his opinions more ):

  • We have to get out and VOTE!

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Hegemony anyone?

  • it sucks to see ron pauls dedication to this country and our well being and then the country just spits in his face. terrible

  • Fucking moron

  • 7L… i take it ur black and vote based on race right?lol

  • all I hear Gingrich say is “yeah I think Ron Pauls right” I like how Ron Paul turns the person “Winning” the race into his bitch

  • A Vote for Romney is a vote for the NDAA and a vote for tyranny.

  • 7L

    fuck ron paul its all bout my main man, herman sugar cain! 9-9-9 plan baby. its sad how the liberal media besmirched his name with false allegations, and slander. why? cus they scared!