Ron Paul Highlights at the Republican NBC News Debate in Florida

  • i am fake mitt romney, which makes me remarkably like, the real mitt romney

  • He looks for the best room to be in.The one in heaven could be very soon.That’s the best room.

  • How many bastard times are these fucking retards gonna ask him the same question over and over!? “You gonna run third party?” Retards.

  • I like how ron paul is the only one, in any of the debates that talks about the bailouts, interest rates, taarp funds, the Central Bank, monetary policy. These are the most important issues by a factor of millions, and for that reason Ron Paul is the only one qualified to be the president.

  • NY for RP

  • RP is the only one that makes any sense at all. He is the only vet as well and knows what war is about. The proper declaration is where we have been negligent..We are so quick to invade other countries for the interest of the Elites/Establishment. RP 2012


  • Glad this is longer than 89s

  • IM a Floridian, and RON PAUL you have my FULL support, and my Vote!!!

  • Let’s give everyone else but Ron Paul questions……

  • i cant stand santorum

  • Houston tx loves RP

  • Geez, he has more common sense than all 3+moderator.

  • They will talk like Paul but not walk like Paul. I don’t trust anyone else. Do not take a chance with Newton. Cutting Military spending is NOT cutting Defense spending. Ron Paul has it right!

  • Dear Dr. Paul two suggestions: 1) its seems the debate hosts along with other presstitutes continue to ask the you the same fucking questions over & over, particularly the one “would you support so & so in he got the nomination?” Stop replying they would have to be more like this or less like that & respond “why don’t you ask them if they will support me when I get the nomination!” 2) When the timer hits the twenty min mark & you haven’t been asked a question start interupting the fuck’n debate!

  • Thank you, Ron, for reminding everyone in the room just what “conservative” means. In order for Ron Paul to answer these falsely premised questions he must first do the moderators job of asking the right question and then he can answer it. I hope you are seeing this America. RON PAUL 2012

  • it would be incredible if Ron Paul won Florida!
    Florida would be getting lots of visitors after that!

  • When Santorum suspends his campaign…
    Paul & Newt could run together…
    (flip a coin to see who will be vice president)

  • Its a continuous psychological question to give voters the impression that Dr. Paul is unelectable.I hope and pray that Florida will be the state to step up and shut their bullshit down.

  • sad part is Ron Paul has an amazing message but americans are so damn stupid and lazy they dont want to do things for themselves!

  • I am a USF student! thanks for coming!