Ron Paul Highlights at the Republican NBC News Debate in Florida

  • In America, when big media corporations shun, ignore and discredit a candidate you can bet your last cent that there’s something very right about the candidate. I’ve been following the coverage of this wonderful gentleman on the major news channels and am simply DISGUSTED to see how he’s been given the cold shoulder. He’s the only honest, simple and level-headed candidate in the fray and I dearly hope he wins. For America’s sake !!!

  • Obama is arab church man

  • Everyone needs to walk the streets supporting Ron Paul, no matter what state it is, get the word out so people know who to vote for beforehand.


  • They are way more fair than fox news or cnn is to Ron Paul

  • He’s just so humble! You can tell who a good man is by the way they talk, and that man, is a good fuckin’ man! haha

  • American’s want to believe these other guys! They really seem like they care! But the reality is, they don’t! They’re all liars! And we’ll do and say anything to get the power of the president! Ron paul’s been saying the same thing for 30 years! He’s just a good man. He’s waking a lot of people up, though! Ron Paul revolution, for sure! I hope he makes it far enough, to wake enough people to just overthrow all these pricks and take the power back! That’s the only way I see some real change!

  • you cant help but to clap for Freedom. MSM got owned!

  • vote Ron Paul, or give up all hope

  • You look great here Ron, please keep getting your sleep so you are on your game like you are here, tonight I watched you in Florida and you weren’t as strong as you were here in this video, we need you to be strong all the time because you are very important to us! Keep on rockin it!! Everyone needs to get Ron Paul stickers on their cars, I taped mine on the inside of my window or we need clings that won’t damage our paint!

  • this is a brilliant man. for 76 years of age, he talks circles around these guys.

  • We love you Ron! I really want to see you put on a better show in the Tue debate, you answers are the best but I think you can elaborate more on them and really sell them to the people, many of the people are not smart enough to realize that you are speaking the most rational out of all of the candidates so I recommend you really explain what it is you stand for and sell it, bring it home because we need and want you as our President!

  • I love how Ron Paul was only getting the applause. If he doesn’t win, then it was rigged.

  • The truth will set us free~
    Ron Paul 2012

  • obama = sopa ,

  • Restore our constitution & restore our greatness.

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Folks if you like Ron Paul do a youtube search for
    “Ron Paul endorsement by 7 year old and his sister. Republican Primaries”
    check out the sister’s reaction to the other candidates.

  • Presidential Polls Of Today:
    Newt Gingrich: 31.3%
    Mitt Romney: 27.5%
    Rick Santorum: 15.8%
    ron paul: 12.5%
    Rick Perry: 7%

    As of right now,
    most republicans are voting Newt Gingrich,
    The people who are for doing the moral things vote for Mitt Romney,
    People who hate liberals and Obama vote for Rick Santorum,
    Internet haters votes for Ron Paul,
    The least of everybody is now voting for Rick Perry.

    Which one are you?

  • Ron paul for the hood the poor, the middle class uper class, and the rich well fuckem cuz they got it all and make choices to keep more than they need and dont give a damn bout the rest of the people. spend to much money and time on bullshit. Help the people over seas but there is many in our on land that needs a ballout. these million dollar companys gets help when there isnt many people who can get those jobs due to credintials. but the small companys who the majority seeks, cave in.

  • RON PAUL SUPPORTERS: To vote the primaries you have to register as a “Republican” to be eligible. If you want him for president, DO SOMETHING about it. Go.

  • I’m a democrat, and will likely vote for Obama, but I don’t understand why republicans are so scared of Ron Paul. Romney will take any position he needs to be president, and Gingrich is just not a likable person. I don’t think Paul will win the presidency, but he is a valuable voice to have in our country.