Ron Paul Highlights at the Republican NBC News Debate in Florida

  • the average American is simply too stupid to vote for this guy.
    Seeing the economic situation of this country, I think 2012 was really the last chance that an honest president could have done sth to prevent the collapse of this nation.

    It looks that RP wont win, so this country is ultimately done. George Carlin said it 15 years ago: He probably saw this comin, he knew that this Country is simply too stupid to see whats going on.


  • i am colombian and i fucking support ron paul!!!! best man alive so far we need him people pls vote for him i beg youz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NBC is such a joke. Television is mass media control for sheeple.

  • Believe me, the other three dudes on the stage are TERRIFIED of the good doctor.


  • Ron needs to be more agressive.

  • not to worry, Ronald Regan at the age of 70, lost the first several states to Gerald Ford in 1976 and Regan still ended up winning. its smart not to use all his battle chest resources in Florida.Ron Paul = BOSS

  • standrkm

    Paul was ignored, he said some great things, romney and newt got back to back questions for two hours, but paul made the most sense and was the most presidential, Ron Paul 2012!!

    Aside from that I gotta know, who is that gray haired guy who works for CBS that looks like a neanderthal or someone from planet of the apes? I just gotta know!

    Oh and why do only a handful of news organizations travel to each state get to run the debates. That seems a bit shady, I mean each state should have it’s own local independent news people do that right? You know so nothing unfair happens like it’s been happening.

  • did you hear the audience laugh when newt said he got an endorsement from rick perry. having rick perry endorse you is like being the smartest retard. ron paul 2012

  • Dr PauI es eI mejor candidato para Ia precidencia de EEUU.

  • The best thing about Ron Paul is that he dosen’t tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to know.

  • they put fluoride in the Floridians water .

  • cloakedaxiom com/election-2012/
    must read and spread the truth

  • newt weants to free cuba like obama freed libya ……. Im sure cubans are thrilled about newt lol ……. war hawk neo con ………. ron paul or revolution!

  • so basically if you remove everyone else’s answers and the moderator’s questions ron paul has less than 10mins in a hour and a half debate?

  • If I had to describe RP in one word, I would use the word Honest.
    The man sticks to his guns no matter what. That, my youtube friends, is an honest man.

  • LMAO Newt wants to intervene in Cuba now, wtf?

  • Wall street made Romney $21 Mil last year, that’s just capital gain, he didn’t even work… This guy is gonna root for the average middle class Americans??? Wake the fuck up people…

  • Ron Paul schools all of them!, It was more a lecture given by Ron Paul in how to be a true leader and defender of the constitution then a debate. Ron Paul 2012 !!! The rest are not even in his league.

  • Santorum: Attack Iran! Newt: Attack Iran! Mitt: Attack Iran! Ron: Bring our troops home and protect our borders!