Poll Results: Which Potential GOP Tickets Would Ron Paul Supporters Vote For?

Between Jan. 17 and 24 we asked visitors of RonPaul.com who they would vote for in the general election if a varying choice of tickets were available. Respondents are assumed to be Ron Paul supporters or people researching Ron Paul.


As expected, pretty much any GOP ticket that includes Ron Paul as President and a non-establishment VP does extremely well among RonPaul.com visitors:

[poll id=”57″]
[poll id=”63″]
[poll id=”47″]
[poll id=”55″]
[poll id=”48″]

Potential GOP tickets that pair Ron Paul as President with an establishment VP also do very well:

[poll id=”62″]
[poll id=”60″]
[poll id=”49″]
[poll id=”61″]
[poll id=”54″]

On the other hand, not a single establishment ticket that doesn’t include Ron Paul (or Rand Paul) is able to capture a significant percentage of the Paul vote. The most popular non-Paul ticket is Romney-Huntsman which barely beats Obama-Biden:

[poll id=”67″]

It goes downhill from there:

[poll id=”71″]
[poll id=”70″]
[poll id=”73″]
[poll id=”69″]
[poll id=”56″]
[poll id=”59″]
[poll id=”53″]

Adding Rand Paul as VP to an establishment President increases the ticket’s appeal among RonPaul.com visitors:

[poll id=”51″]
[poll id=”52″]

Adding Ron Paul as VP to an establishment President makes a more significant difference, even though a large percentage would still abstain from voting or vote third party:

[poll id=”68″]
[poll id=”72″]
[poll id=”50″]

Some have speculated about a late entry of Rand Paul into the race; Rand Paul for President would do quite well if paired with an establishment VP…

[poll id=”64″]
[poll id=”65″]

…and extremely well if paired with Ron Paul or Gary Johnson:

[poll id=”58″]
[poll id=”66″]

Should we poll any other combinations? Leave a comment below.



  1. If Ron doesn’t get the nomination I am writing him in, Rick for VP


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  2. Hope For America! GOP: Pres. Dr. Ron Paul with VP Senator Scott Brown
    Maybe any combo of Dr Ron Paul with: Rand Paul, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum or even Mitt Romney

    Please Vote for President Ron Paul 2012 to RESTORE OUR LIBERTY!!!


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  3. Silent majority will speak. I feel that Ron is the only candidate worth voting for. That being said Ron is saying what we are all thinking. Freedom first and let's get behind Mr. Paul and get the government back in the people’s hands. We must get off our rears and vote vote.
    Please encourage all to vote. If this happens, I am sure that the right person will lead our country to success. Just one more thing. I have a small sign company and I have looked for manufactures in the US to build my product. I have not found one manufacture who is willing to build my product at a reasonable price. I contacted China (yes CHINA) and not only are they willing to build my products inexpensively, they are willing to go the extra mile to help get our products to market. STOP::: Listen guys, If our big business monopolies continue to exist, we will be forced to go off-shore for any manufacturing done at a reasonable price. I would rather keep the dollars home but I am forced to go off shore. Oh one more thing, I also am having a graphic designer in India doing my drawings as I ran into the same problem when looking for a CAD engineer. I feel that Ron Paul will help us all get back on-track by getting rid of big government and getting the good old USA back to the manufacturing giant we once were. F*** the bankers, F*** the lobbyists, Get the power back to the people. Ron Paul, WE NEED YOU.

    Much respect,

    Gerald A. Davis
    Torrance California


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  4. I would vote for a Ron/Rand ticket but I think it would be bad for votes. It would hurt the doc's credibility due to the nepotism thing. Rand can wait his turn. He's also a bit inexperienced.
    I like Peter Schiff. Also, you need to remove the Paul/Perry option, since it's against the law (constitution says Pres and VP have to be from different states).


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  5. One option not listed... RP as the VP on the Democratic ticket. As VP, his clear thinking ideas on the economy, foriegn policy and domestic issues would be that much closer to the president. It would be a bi-partisan administration. Liberals will vote for Obama no matter what and RP would draw his Republican and Independant supporters.


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  6. Dr Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate that can beat Obama. But polling shows that he can't beat Obama without a VP who would draw further independents and progressives away from Obama.

    Dr Paul must select someone like a Dennis Kucinich, a Ralph Nader, or barring that Gary Johnson. But he also needs to court the votes of the Green party, so should look to court them as well. If he does that he has a ticket that represents the Occupy and original Tea Party movement and he wins, whether as Republican candidate or third party. And don't fall for that Karl Rove threat about Rand Paul's future ambitions. Running third party would force the GOP establishment to seriously consider Rand Paul in 2016 over a Jeb Bush.


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  7. Steve Forbes


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  8. Ron Paul should never even consider one of the establishment politicians for his running mate. There are unscrupulous people out there who are not above assassinating RP. Then the establishment VP would become the President.


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  9. I think Ron Paul has a real chance to get elected. Once we are past Florida, the real battle kicks in and there should be some real surprises. That would be the best scenario whoever he picks to run with him. The worst thing that could happen is that one of the neo-cons gets elected, although that is unlikely since they would have to beat Darth Obama without the independent vote. The damage has mostly been done already to our financial well being and only a strong, even gut wrenching economic approach can keep a crash from happening. If any republican candidate but RP gets in, they will just be at the helm of a real mess which is already set in motion and will get blamed for everything which would leave us with a huge socialist push in 4 years, assuming that is, we are still afloat in 4 more years. If anyone but RP gets into the White House this year, it might be a good time to put in motion that back-up plan involving an extended vacation to some little beach community in a small country somewhere.


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  10. All you people are silly he already arranged to pick Vermin Supreme as VP last year even adopting his policies. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rji74B453JY at the 2.20 minute mark


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  11. Adrianne Knobloch

    Would love a Ron Paul/Sheriff Mack ticket.

    Frankly, while I like Rand, I HATE nepotism, "birth right" rule, all soundly rejected by the founders, (even as we had Adams, father and son even back then). But, the family connection smacks of royalty especially given the autocratic/monarchistic/oligarchy/old boy network based rule that has taken our gov't over, these days.

    With Mack as VP, it could conceivably be Constitutionally Committed Presidents for the next 16 years. Lord knows, we NEED it.


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  12. There is no combination that I will accept without Ron Paul at the top of the ticket. I have written him in in the past and I will do it again. This time I'll do it with Judge Napolitano as his VP. Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum are war mongering, neo-con, big spenders. Their election will not stop the decline of America. It won't even slow it down. These three buffoons are "big government Conservatives?" I didn't know that any Conservative is for big government but these "Conservatives" are. "Big government Conservative" is a bromide invented by "Conservative" talk radio hosts Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Medved etc. to make Gingrich, Romney and Santorum more acceptable to the "Conservative" voters. "Big government Conservative is sugar coating for a very bitter, hard to swallow pill.

    The only other combination I would consider would be a Ron Paul third party ticket or barring that then Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket. Don't tell me I will be throwing my vote away by ignoring the Republicans. If anyone other than Ron Paul or Gary Johnson is elected we all lose and the Republic will be bankrupted. No other candidate is committed to drastically reducing the size and cost of government as is Ron Paul----Elect Ron Paul or BUST in 2012.

    Dr. Paul should shift the debate away from who is the most conservative to who is the constitutionalist and challenge the other contenders to justify what they promote constitutionally. Every single time the others present a new idea for a government program Dr. Paul should challenge the constitutionality of it. He should crow about his constitutional voting record and take the initiative by showing up the other's programs to be unconstitutional. Santorum will take the bait and attempt to justify unconstitutional ideas or programs. Santorum is an admitted enemy of the Bill of Rights.


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  13. Dr. Paul and the no-nonsense, clear thinking Judge. Rand as 2nd VP choice.


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  14. Betty Harris Hicks

    My family all 40 members and growing are going to support Ron Paul for President. it doesn't matter who is his VP, he will only pick the best one who supports his free Americia policy.


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  15. Rand Paul is the Best VP with Paul as the President! Seems Dr. Paul's Prescription is catching on! Those poll numbers look fairly good; However, let's inform and question friends, family, neighbors and communities! Get the word out and demonstrate the need for The RX Only The Good Doctor Has For Our Need: Constitution The Solution! We MUST PRESS THE ELITES and Powers That Be that We Want Our Freedom and not Just A Bandage of Dishonor! THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING AND PRAYING!
    Anyway, get a group together, make phone calls, go to caucuses, etc. Be All That You Can Be (Like An Army of Voters and Peaceful Yet Urgent End Time Revolutionaries and Visionaries for Change We Can Believe In And NEED So Desperately! Dollars Help So Much, and Your Volunteering, buying signs, Brochures (Heard Super Brochures and Candidate Comparisons are available on the RonPaul2012.com site). Taking out the colors and borders & adding that Dr. Paul is Only Candidate Who Will Protect Recipients of Social Security and Medicare (they are Not Entitlements) are helpful, and setting up events with Drs. Paul (Ron & Rand), host information parties, sign waving, etc. are So Helpful! Let's Get This Done For THE RESTORING OF AMERICA!


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  16. I would only vote for Dr. Paul. Any of the others were elected would bring an end to the AMERICA that we used to know.


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  17. The Judge !!! Go independent if this establishment keeps behaving like this. Be tough on the attack, lecture/educate the citizens with more than headliners.


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  18. If Ron gets the nomination I am hoping for a VP of Peter Schiff, but probably not the best strategy for getting more votes... So my votes for VP would be Gary Johnson would be #1 ... Paul Ryan would be a good second. a Paul Paul ticket would not be a good thing... you need Rand to stay in the senate.

    If Ron doesn't get the nomination I am writing him in, so I know I can sleep at night telling my kids, when America had the chance to save itself I voted for the only guy who could fix it.


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  19. It's either Ron Paul for Pres or Obama. I only see 2 choices.


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    • Phil
      I am not an American, but someone tugged in a corner of Asia. While I choose to indicate "dislike" to your idea , I hope that our choice of President is the same: Obama would be as bad as any other choice for a President of US. For now, I see Ron Paul as the only President who can salvage US (and the World).
      Obama was a 2008 presidental candidate against war, but for the past few years, he had not kept to his words of winding off wars. Iraq? Afganistan? Lybia? Pakistan? Iran?


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  20. I would vote for Ron Paul for PRESIDENT No matter what but would prefer his VP not be a neocon POS like any of the current or previous GOP candidates. The Judge would be my first pick or Peter Schiff, Jesse or Rand. Rand would be awesome!


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