Welcome to Florida, Ron Paul!

  • oldest rockstar alive

  • Another Mexican extending my humble opinion of Dr. RON PAUL.

    Wake up, wake up, wake up, and VOTE for the good doctor!!!!!!!!!!

    He’s Americas only hope, if not him we’re all *ucked.


  • WOW!

  • I refuse to believe that any other candidate has this many (incredibly) dedicated supporters. For once I wish I was american so I could be a part of this.

  • awesome! Thank you for posting! Ron Paul 2012!

  • I teared up. Ron Paul, and Ron Paul only.

  • This is so amazing it gives me chills. Only Ron Paul suporters would do this. There has been an enormous MSM campaign to scare elderly Fla residents away from voteing for Ron Paul. Please google and share ‘ Ron Paul keeps promises to senior citizens’. Please share this video with parents or grandparents that live in Fla. We are Ron Pauls MSM. Great results are acheived by the combination of many small acts. Ron Paul 2012!

  • YESSSS!!!

  • America NEEDS #PresidentPaul

  • This is what you call REAL support for a REAL Presidential candidate!!

    The rest of the American people need to wake up and see this man is the only chance they have..

    President Paul!!!

  • Rhetorical question of course

  • Why doesn’t the media ever show these huge gatherings?

  • I keep thinking the elections are really rigged. Ron always seems to have the most numerous and passionate supporters and they keep trying to shut him down. It’d actually be funny if they said Romney was nominated and then we the people investigated and found out it really was rigged and Ron Paul really was the winner, it’d totally destroy the credibility of the media and the candidates.

    Damn it I just want people to wake up and realize that Ron is the only honest politician out there. :/

  • Smart Americans! 🙂

  • RON PAUL in his age was not concern about his future, his concern is the future of young americans and america itself, if ron paul loses the republican nomination you are at a disadvantage, the elite keep asking him confirming if he will go 3rd party. they will cook the primary so he won’t win, manual voting is better than electronic unless you trust who operates them. proctect your votes, may the american choice wins…

  • Wow. That’s what I like to see. He has a lot of support for someone who only gets 5 minutes of debate time, and no real questions.

  • Ron Paul sounds better every time i hear him!

  • Ok everyone this is our chance if you live in Florida, people are doughting Dr. Paul will win this debate/election so if you live in Florida do these steps:
    1. Share this video on Facebook
    2. Try to convert as much people bomnys and non voters to hear Ron Paul out and promise to have Ron pauls vote this coming election.
    3. We need to show as much support and love as we can while Paul is in Florida.
    4. Like this so it can be at the top so people can get the word.

  • Ron Paul you rock! from Canada!

  • If Santorum, Romney, etc. are all so “high” in the polls, then where are all their supporters??
    Ron Paul supporters are EVERYWHERE (I’m one)…. and he’s NOT high in the polls? ….

    isn’t that what you call a “contradiction” ???
    RP 2012