Welcome to Florida, Ron Paul!

  • Where can i see video of Newt Gingrich’s welcoming party?

  • All that was missing was Rush playing in the background.

  • nice hummer


  • Damn i wish i could have joined you guys! Nice vid

  • Ron Paul>the other 3

  • AWESOME !! I knew therre were some VERY intelligent people in Florida

  • Amongst the presidential candidates, Ron Paul appears to be best suited to lead the U.S, A.


  • We might be right!

    Is there anyone else that thinks Dr. Paul would have huge success if his theme song was, “You May Be Right” by Billy Joel? Because the media keeps calling Dr. Paul a little crazy, but I’m pretty sure it just might be a LUNATIC we’re looking for!!!!

  • Ron Paul or bust !

  • #Rockstar

  • Profanity puts this channel on the profanity list so safe search will filter out this channel when seen. Your right to use profanity takes the rights of others to have this seen by as many as possible. Please keep it clean and respect Ron Paul. Would profanity be what you want Ron to remember you by?

  • the one and only … Ron Paul !


  • Hang in there Dr.paul,like the other commentator said, keep safe man, cuz you are in a dangerous position challenging others

  • Bump these haterzzzz!!!! RON PAUL!!!!!!!!

  • They need to make a south park about ron paul

  • I dont see a single Mitt Newt or Rick supporter there, yet they are winning in the polls?

  • No other candidates inspire such a positive reaction.

  • Thats right DR. RON PAUL 2012