Welcome to Florida, Ron Paul!

  • You Americans stop talking about Ron Paul on You tube. Go outside and tell the people about Ron Paul.

  • I just found out that Newt Gingrich the day before the South Carolina primary had to cancel his speech because of lack of attendance. But yet he won the South Carolina primary?. Ron Paul draws hundreds sometimes over a thousand to his speech but comes last?. Something fishy is going on i think its fixed.


  • Very exciting!! I so wish I could have been there!!
    GO RON!!!

  • Wow! What a welcome.

  • Wow, look at all the Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich videos on YouTube, where their supporters line the streets, shouting their support! Oh wait, they don’t have any.

  • Ron Paul is probably the ONLY candidate NOT running for the New Nazi Party. But, realize that Amerika is a sellout, the socio-econmic regime of this planet is killing all of us. This shit’s gotta stop, collective consciousness shift will be the only real change we could ever hope for, or extra-terrestrial intervention, but for now Ron Paul IS our only known hope, Cheers.

  • is florida gonna be as bad as south carolina?

  • Constitution is shit I like the tsa feelin me up

  • Ron Paul is my hero! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron Paul is being polled out of existence worse than ever for Florida. Here in “West Israel” he would stand little chance even in a fair fight, because of his unswervingly pro-America policies. It’s so wrong that in order to rule in America, you must first demonstrate that your highest loyalty is to a foreign country, above all else. And we all know Ron Paul fails this test consistently.

  • Only the skilled mind of a Surgeon like Dr. Paul can mend this broken Nation. Vote Paul for your own well being.

  • Sad to look at that…Ron Paul is the obvious winner and yet…the guys who run the game…control the vote.
    Until everybody faces the reality of fixed elections…the deception continues and no amount of cheering will change it.
    There are people who are working to change this problem, but, we all need to face it.
    We’ve been fooled.

  • too bad for vote fraud 🙁 Paul is winning in my mind but not on the polls

  • every day we grow…i love it

  • Sue main stream media! Look at all the people who love Ron 4 prez.

  • Scotty

    I am amazed at all the people who support Dr. Ron Paul. Where are these types of Supporters for the other candidates? They don’t exist…

    This man is our only hope as a Nation in this Election. He is truly looking out for the People, and not the Government nor himself.

    VOTE DR. RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!

  • Young all young 😀

  • Welcome to Florida Dr Paul. I’m one of the over 60’s and am wide awake. There are more of us and growing daily. For the first time in my life I would be proud of my president.

    President Ron Paul! Sounds perfect!

  • I spoke to a family member in Florida who seriously up to today has never heard the name Ron Paul, but Romney and Newt were well known names.. kinda shocking and depressing at the same time. I hope something big happens soon

  • How could your eyes not sweal in joy after seeing that ? RON PAUL 2012 !!