Welcome to Florida, Ron Paul!

  • For those even considering staying at home on voting days, please remember, Ron Paul has fought for YOUR rights and YOUR freedoms for over 30 years. He has been laughed at, ridiculed and ignored. He could have retired long ago to spend the rest of his time peacefully with his family, but he didn’t, he continued to fight for YOU.

    This man is a HERO.

    Sacrificing 30 min to vote for him is YOUR way of thanking him. I don’t care if you are “busy” or have other plans that day. JUST DO IT.

  • How long is he staying in Florida and does anybody have his schedule because I want to meet him before he is off I’ve just been busy with school.

  • Romney = Liar, Flip-flopper, Polygamist, Lobbyist, Mormon, Job-Killer
    Gingrich = Liar, Adulterer, Hypocrite, Traitor, Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing
    Santorum = Liar, Betrayer, Pedophile, Racist, Fascist

    RON PAUL = Doctor, Gynecologist, Statesman, Teacher, Husband, Father, Patriot, Prophet, Veteran, Serviceman, Congressman, Baseball Home runner, Consistent, Trustworthy, Honorable, Incorruptible, Reliable, Honest, Champion of the Constitution, PRESIDENT!!!

    respect from Japan ^_^

  • Ron Paul For The Win!

  • Go Ron Paul!!!!

  • Jeff

    How do they have him in last place.. come on Florida WAKE UP!!!

  • Dr. Ron Paul is on CNN right now!
    Watch Ron Paul kick some political flip- flopping ass!

  • Everyone go to mitt romneys page on facebook, like it and post all over his photos “Ron Paul 2012” spread the message everywhere!!!!!

  • My friend is an actuary and he says for every one person here there is 10000 ron paul supporters….and they say he cant win!!!

  • I love this video!! RON PAUL 2012 !!!!!

  • As much as I would LOVE for him to win it,,,,,i dont see it happening :/


  • He is like a Rock Star!!!!! But better 🙂

  • very very heartwarming! and finally I know and see people will vote Prez Paul into office . !! WHOOHOO

  • i love you ron paul!!!!

  • please check out my original Ron Paul song called “the Beginning is Near” on youtube’s themadwillie channel. The song will come up first when you visit the channel.God Bless

  • What I’m saying is you guys in government had your chance and trampled the constitution let us have our shot and live by it. That’s what made this country great and what you have strayed so far from.