End the TSA for Freedom and Human Dignity

  • I support the Constitution and Dr. Ron Paul!


  • Paul won in the cnn polls

  • i love doug weads little chuckle…like a boss.

  • Ron Paul 2012 from NY!


  • The problem the other GoP candidates have is that even if they gravitate more towards Paul’s ideas, his supporters already know they’re phony and it won’t work! Ron Paul 2012 or another 4 of NObama!

  • to be fair, if a terrorist were to blackmail or brainwash a kid and we just said “aw a cute kid let her pass” those people would be on death row..

  • Just tell the TSA “you know, if you want to see me naked, all you have to do is ask”.

  • Ron Paul for President

  • Ron Paul for President

  • What the fuck is wrong with the US ,how can you all let yourselves become this .Not only the people being feeled up but the twisted bastards who impliment and carry this molestation out. United States of America ….one very sick dying nation.

  • I’d rather have a terrorist blow up a building every now and then… rather then getting my balls yanked by the TSA.

  • FEBRUARY 25th, The Street, Ron Paul Sign. Be there!!!!

  • Keep voting for the red team or the blue team, America, and you will be touched inappropriately without suspicion of any crime. Thanks for screwing up the nation for independents.

  • TSA- Terrorist Screwing America

  • The real terrorists are the TSA!

  • Doug Wead always looks so damn happy.

  • from romania! ron paul for president!

  • Dr. Paul, the only man on earth that can change these bad times, to better times.

  • jimbo

    if the bible is unfolding before our very eyes ron wont win because the new world order is part of those bible prophecies.They need a one world order to bring in the antichrist is it a coincedence that romney and gingrich are both 33rd degree masons there was a mason who refused his 33rd degree because you have to vow to satan he even changed his name to not get exterminated.so ron winning although it would be good for the constitutionality of this country i think they are setting us up to take the mark or perish at least we will have the choice.
    they are running drills out west to force people to take vaccines.so you think they care about the constitution.i think not.yes i would vote for ron if he was the nominee but the voting booths are corrupt or mabey the people are just plain
    brainwashed…..tsa is wrong but part of the global police state plan already