Ron Paul Responds to President Obama’s State of the Union Speech

by Ron Paul

Tonight, President Obama once again showed that he does not represent the fundamental change this country needs. Instead of offering solutions to the problems our country faces, the President was intent on delivering a campaign speech, further dealing in the typical Washington political gamesmanship that has gotten us exactly nowhere close to improving the lives of the American people.

In a speech where much of the rhetoric was devoted to job creation, it was strange that President Obama would brag about his job-destroying national health care plan, Obamacare, and the Dodd-Frank bill, which, contrary to the President’s claims, guarantees future taxpayer bailouts of large institutions. Unfortunately, President Obama’s ‘job creation’ policies amount to little more than continuing to allow government bureaucrats to pick winners and losers, which is a recipe for continued economic stagnation.

President Obama claims to want an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules. Yet he remains committed to the same old system of debt, deficits, bailouts, and cronyism that created our economic problems. The President speaks of giving us energy independence from unstable nations, yet he refuses to allow the type of development needed to achieve this goal, while at the same time his administration hands out favors to the politically connected – those given to the likes of Solyndra, who fail to produce jobs or energy but succeed in ripping off the taxpayers.

Of course, President Obama refuses to even mention the role the Federal Reserve plays in creating an economic system where some are denied a fair shot or even to support my efforts at bringing transparency to the Federal Reserve. Also not mentioned by President Obama is the very crucial need for reining in spending and balancing the federal budget. What is called by some ‘the greatest threat to our national security’ seems not to be of great importance to this President, although I, like many Americans, believe it to be cause for immediate measures, like the $1 trillion in spending cuts that would take place in my first year as President under my Plan to Restore America.

In the area of foreign policy and civil liberties, President Obama’s rhetoric may be different, but the substance of his polices – as shown by his administration’s defense of the TSA’s treatment of my son, Senator Rand Paul, is hardly ‘change we can believe in.’ No wonder more and more Americans, especially young people, are rejecting the phony alternatives of Obama and establishment Republicans and embracing my campaign to Restore America Now.


  • Chris Pounds

    Obama had some good points and idea’s,however that’s all they are is idea’s.You people whom support Obama should maybe tell us why he didn’t veto the NDAA as he said he would,a bill that pretty much follows up with the un-patriot act to take more freedom away from Americans.Or why he refuses the Keystone Pipeline,its not like getting oil from the middle east,Its Canadian Oil not Iraan oil.I can’t believe how many people still support Obama.Now i do see on some things he has fought for against stubborn republicans “not Ron Paul.”but at the end of the days he still takes 70% of his contributions from Goldman Sachs and the alike.

  • Larry Goffney Jr.

    The President already addressed all of you..
    “If you hear anyone say this country is at a decline , falling off or at it’s end… They don’t know what there talking abt”
    -PRESIDENT, Barack Obama

  • Hey Ron!! Surely you know and realize that every time the President attempts to do something to help the economy, the right wingers throw a block in front of him!! Now if the President had the absolute power to do what he would like to do in order to get this country on track then I’m sure that he would be at least half- way there, but of course he has to wait for approval from the House. Apparently Obama’s not the President. They are!! He’s just the spokesperson.

    • Lea R.

      Charles, have you read “The Coming Insurrection” and “Mein Kamph” yet? Both are looks into the past and future. Also, read “A Land Remembered” (Post Civil War fictional history) which depicts greed and how the government creates divisiveness among the people of this land. Remember the Indians and what happened to the freed slaves after the Civil War – that is what our gov’t is doing for this country.

    • Put Charles in Charge!

      Dear Charles,
      Please make me dictator and I promise that within the next 4 years I will solve half of all of your problems. I have some grand ideas on how I could get your life turned around so if you simply give me absolute control over your life I can make this happen. Don’t let your friends or family try to influence you, Trust me, I can handle the power to control your life.
      With love,
      You are out of your mind

  • Hawkins

    RP, want to win? I want you to win too. So I have a suggestion … Stop playing the game the way everyone is expected to play it. Start doing what all candidates should logically be doing already. Cite your top considerations for vice president, sec’t of state, defense, etc and for several more agencies down the line. Our votes go not just for one person, we vote in effect for a group. If you can influence others to do the same, then people will learn a lot about both you and your opponents from the individuals–as president–they would want working side-by-side with them. Had folks had known who Obama would have around him, maybe fewer would have voted for him last time.

    Make it not just a vote for you, we don’t have dictators, it’s a vote for a team.

  • Dolores Bowles

    Thank you Dr. Paul for your honesty and integrity,two essential qualities for restoring America to true freedom and pride in our Constitution. I admire your bravery to speak the truth and your efforts. I especially respect your openness in not supporting abortion for any reason and encouraging adoption when necessary.
    Praise God! Your support numbers are growing as they should! Keep on keepin’ on!
    I’m sure others will join me in letting the media know that Ron Paul does have a voice and much to say. We have a grassroots effort going here in Ohio so please take a swing through when possible. Obama has been concentrating hard on Ohio
    the last few months so we look forward to you arriving on the scene. : ) Our prayers are with you and your family.
    Dolores Bowles, Columbus, Ohio

    • Daniel Phelps

      You have support in Cincinnati too.

  • Brian S

    While I’ve been a supporter of Dr. Paul’s for over 15 years, I immediately learned a very crucial thing about him, and it stands as true today as it did back then:

    He is NOT a savior, rather Dr. Paul is a CATALYST for us to get off our asses and take responsibility for our own freedom & taking it back from an out-of-control government!

    Nobody but US can save this country and freedom.

    Voting Dr. Paul and making him our next President is just the beginning, there is a LONG fight ahead and he can’t do it alone, nor would he even want to.

    Get off your asses people, for once this country and your liberties are gone, they are NOT coming back!

    • Sally Clayton

      Brian you are absolutely right! Dr Paul has the plan and has shown it to us. Now it is up to us to make things happen. That definitely includes supporting Dr Paul but we have got to take it further. Freedom loving, responsible people, that see that the Status Quo government we have is bringing us to ruin, need to start serving their communities and running for office so they can be part of the plan to reinstate a constitutional government. I did not vote in the last presidential election, I could not in good conscience vote for either candidate. There are so many times that there is not a decent choice. Many people don’t vote because they know it won’t change anything. Wake up America! Stand up Freedom Fighters! It is up to us to make the changes we have to make if we want to remain free!

  • shane

    Ron Paul may be the last chance to save this once great nation! GET OUT AND VOTE FOR RON PAUL!

  • Hey James Switzer Jr, I’ll buy you a shirt if you promis to get your lazy ass up and walk around the block wearing it until you fit into at least an XL. Help your health, and get ron pauls name around on a big shirt for all to see.

    If you are going to just wear it around your house, than heck no.

  • Amanda Freese

    Ya, Daniel I noticed that too .. that the other candidates and Obama are starting to adapt or weave in some of what Dr. Paul has BEEN saying .. just a bunch of fluff and stuff .. you know that white stuff you buy in a jar ? just a bunch of that and then a bunch of ideas that belong to someone else. .and. . some other good stuff he knows people want to hear.. . .. either they get it and are taking note ( yeah right) or they are just using the words to fool the voters. . . I guess all those guys think we voters are stupid idiots that just watch mainstream media alone and nothing else . . .

  • Amanda Freese

    Thank you for everything you do .. . for awakening my family . . . everything you say just seems like such simple common sense , everytime you talk you’re educating all the other candidates .. . 🙂 it’s funny to see them almost jotting down notes in their heads, trying to remember so they can pretend later that they also believe in what you’ve been saying for the last 30 years.. The younger crowds are fanatical about you because our minds are still free to dream of better days. . . we can better grasp the idea and need for change – no matter how drastic it might need to be – hey, when you’re sick , medicine doesn’t taste good either. . I’ll call you the medicine man 😀 because you’ve got what we need to become a healthy country again! I am praying that the Ron Paul revolution stays strong and gets stronger and I pray that everyone along your journey through the states wakes up and realizes the words you’ve been saying all these years .. GOODLUCK – WE’RE PRAYING FOR YOUR SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Phelps

    I just watched the state of the union address and it sounds like the president has been listening very closely to Dr. Paul on many key issues. The ideas he spoke of tonight were not his by any means. Economic responsbility, leaner (smaller) government, and building our nation back up instead of every other nation we enter? Does any of this sound familiar? It should. It is the position of Ron Paul for over a decade. Not to mention there was plenty of talk about creating new government agencies. Where will the money for all of that come from? Strange how these career politicians are listening to a doctor now.

  • Larry Goffney Jr.

    Mr. Paul not once have you mentioned how he plans to fight for teachers, college student debt interest, and medical research funding, giving troops more in benefits, calling for congress lobbying to end, putting congress into the fire. It seems you heard what you wanted to hear a so called campaign speech… Finding fault. Let’s face it young people believe in your words for one simple dream they believe you can actually achieve LEGALIZATION. Breaking this nasty government, yet no plans as to how your will even achieve this REVALUATION as you call it, I.E. your not being heard for a reason. If you can even get as far as you believe you will I’d love to hear you in a debate with PRESIDENT Obama. To hear your views and to watch him tear you a new A**hole. You have only pointed your finger, found fault yet you have not implemented how you intend to accomplish this great feat.. Witch is making you seem like a broken record, fully of empty promises. Obama2012

    • Carol Goodwin

      You are obviously a died in the wool dim-oh-krat! Obama has spent more money than all the 43 presidents before him! He has placed this country in bankriptcy! Now he is going to spend more???
      Think, if you have half a brain to think with! The man is a fraud, a despot and he refuses to even attempt to show any evidence to the contrary.
      Dr Ron Paul tells only the truth. His goal is to return Liberty to this country; to bring all our troops back home; to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic; to make our nation a republic again.
      What has Obama done for you?? Everything he promise he made over three years ago he has broken. He and his family spend tax dollars as if they were all his own money. I want to see what happens Thursday when he has been subpoenaed to appear before that judge in Georgia!

      • Larry Goffney Jr.

        1.Fought for college students and our loans
        2.Fought for educators
        3.Given an outstanding african american figure to look up too
        4.End tht Sham of a War Bush started for Oil control sending thousands of troops to there death and away from there family.
        5. Actually take steps to end our dependence on oil!
        6.Put congress on front street with there under the table lobbying so the peoples wants can be heard unbiased.
        There’s a website with more of his accomplishments!
        Correction! That was George W. Jr. who spent Billions of MINE and YOUR tax money for tht bulls**t war. Leaving Obama with his mess to clean up and Debt. If you had a brain-outside-of-a-box with the capability to listen and comprehend minus the finger up your A**
        You would have heard him say 10,000 have been sent home and the rest will comes home this summer to him fighting for better benefits for them.. Like I said you people heard what you wanted to hear! Liberty, a republic.. Key words used to get the average american sheep to follow has he told you how he plans to accomplish this? It’s a joke. Obama has already got all our enemies and has the rest running and scared keeping our enemies from obtaining nuclear power, guess he lied abt tht too? Or wait.. Guess up just didn’t hear tht either? And you have what proof proving that his family is doing this personal spending?? or is tht just more finger-in-A** propaganda to cloud what he has done? Dr. Ron Paul couldn’t hang with Obama on his worst day and is in, for a rude awakening if he can even get to a debate with Obama. Yea Georgia.. Don’t hold your breath buddy he’s a lawyer from Harvard Law… I don’t think Georgia’s vast law system witch is a joke itself will be too much if any bother. Obama2012

        • WhoamI

          Please provide info on how he helped teachers. I have been offered a job as a teacher and Im only 24, and the first thing they tell me is with the way the government is being ran not to expect to make too much money. What has Ron Paul done you ask? Well he’s the one that originated the idea of doing away with federal regulations on the school system (and 4 other fed. Programs) so that teachers and students alike have more freedom abroad the educational system. Less regulations means no “one-size fits all” education. Means more variety amongs schools and teachers, as well as tuiton. You say that Obama ended the war? Just recently he authorized the bombing of Lybia without the consent of congress. Surely, you were aware… and the war continues and its creeping towards Iran. yiu said they left him in debt? But somehow his genius plan is to spend more on to cut down the defecit. Lawyers are smart and the best at LYING. Wake up, and stop brown-nosing Obama because he’s black…. because a good president he is not. I mean all you listed as his accomplishments are really just failed attempts and a bunch of promises he never kept. The biggest testament to his failure is the country’s unchanged condition after 4 years. Meanwhile all he’s done is made “out-of-the-box” thinkers like yourself believe his every word. Its sad sir.

        • Sally Clayton

          If you had a brain in your head you would not resort to personal attacks and profanity. Also, please proof-read and edit your comments, your poor grammar and punctuation make it hard for anyone to take anything you say seriously. Ron Paul 2012!!!

    • william

      Obamtold me that he would bring our troops home, in fact he said I quote ” you can take it to the bank”. Our troops left Iraqi as promised by Bush and not a moment sooner. They were replaced with mercenaries. He said he would close guantanamo bay. He signed the NDAA which gives the executive branch the power to bypass habeas corpus. He has done some thingood things but why should I vote for someone who allows people to be tortured under the american flag?

    • WhoamI

      Your rant is painfully ignorant and ill-informed. With all due respect sir, you should move to North Korea.

    • Alistair

      Funny that you would bring up empty promises…? The United state is a fascist country run by an elite group of corporations hence the socializing cost and privatising profits for the top 1%. Obama has many plans yes, he had many plans before he got elected aswell. The point is, they don’t come to fruition. The United states has no competition in the banking sector, and a large chunk of your country is employed in someway or another via military needs. Obama is a war president for the world rapist and pillagers, he defends profits for Wall St. not humanity. He has shown no belief in liberty or foreign democracy, look at the middle east, Gadaffi gone, no democracy does he care? No because Gadaffi is gone, means no Gold standard for Africa which protects the corporations from Africans being able to buy back into their own markets.

      This is from a New Zealander. Way down by Antarctica, I want to see peace in the world. So I want to see Obama gone! I have no bias, this doesn’t effect me in anyway. Goldman Sachs was Obamas largest campaign contributor last time he got in. Do you think if he was going to hurt their position of power or profits they would be bank rolling him?

  • I just wish I knew the magic way to get through to the sheeple that they will all rise up in their “AWAKENED” consciousness and realize that the two party system will not work when there is crony capitalism, neocon right winged fanatics and war mongers running not only our country,much of our planet but our very lives GIVEN to us by our creator who created each and every one of us individually with freedom and unalienable rights! Thank you Ron Paul for speaking what many of us…well at least myself (what I feel in my heart in my soul about our true reason for being here together on this planet at this moment in history)would like to get up on that soap box and speak our conscience.

  • Mitch Daniels

    While i think you’re a great man Dr. Paul. I love Obama and the healthcare restrictions he lifted that allowed me to type this to you right now.

    Take care and Go’bama 2012!

  • Hope

    Obama has always been full of false promises and only hurt this country more. I want America back, land of the free home of the brave not land of the half free (half of our bill of rights is gone) and home of the cowards. Terrorism won here in America when we (or rather they) gave up our liberties for security (false security). I haven’t forgotten 9-11 but I also haven’t forgotten liberty and justice and the American dream. Right now Ron Paul seems to be the last hope I have that this country will be saved and we can finally end the terrorism that Obama and Bush have swept over this nation.
    “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security”

    • Ne’Ce

      Yeah, him and all of the other former presidents and just the government period. This is just hilarious how he is pointed out to be the ONLY PRESIDENT with false presidents. I believe that Bush lied, as well as Clinton, Nixon, and all of the other presidents this country has had. Don’t just point out one, point them all out.

      • RONPAUL2012 OR DIE

        yeah…typical answer…blame the problem/fault to other people, and don’t take responsibility for your own actions. I agree that basically all politicians lie, but does that matter? We’re in the present time trying to fix America, and obviously Obama isn’t doing anything for the cause.

      • Dr Paul does not think this is all Obama’s fault and he has been fighting against this same crap from earlier presidents for years. This message happens to be in response to Obama’s “state of the union” campaign speech, so it is right that it be directed to Obama and his actions and policies.

  • mike baier

    Great job so far! Looking forward to seeing the flame of Liberty and Freedom spread! I think its sickening how you are put off by the mainstream media and others yet they have been bringing up some of the same ideas to help win votes while you were saying all along! I am prior service and is also sickens me to see this government pick apart our Constitution and what it stands for. I didnt fight to defend my country and the Constitution only to have it attacked from within! The Patriot Act, The NDAA, The Enemy Afframation Act, SOPA, and PIPA. These bills are direct attacks on our civil liberties and the Constitution. Shame on the people who voted for them! I believe in everything you stand for to make America great again. Keep spreading your message as will I and the PEOPLE will continue to wake up and rally to your cause. The Cause of a Constitutional government and a free people! God bless you and your family…RON PAUL 2012!!!!!

  • Daphne Lee

    Thank you so much for your energy into trying to save our country. I stand behind you and am so thankful for you and the other Americans who are seeing the truth. We fight against so much apathy and it makes me sad sometimes that people just don’t care enough anymore to actually take the time to figure out what is really going on. I appreciate your efforts so much.

  • CharlaStar

    My, my, how cheap you sell your vote. Maybe you better vote for Obama. He represents the party for freeloaders and handouts.

  • Kip Day

    Keep up the good work Mr. Paul. A lot of people are waking up to your message and are listening, we are tired of being lied to, tired of being ripped off, tired of being taxed to death. You are the only light in this darkness, your honesty and humbleness is so refreshing and is so needed, we need a leader like you, you have given people hope that this country can be great again. Your supporters are behind you 110%. Thank you again and may God Bless you on this nobel endeavor. Sincerely Kip Day Spencer IN.

  • James Switzer Jr

    3xL I’m broke,send me a T-shirt,and maybe I’ll vote for Ron Paul. 3xL thx.