Poll: Who Won the CNN Republican Debate?

Who won the debate?

  • Ron Paul (93%, 7,556 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (3%, 263 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (2%, 183 Votes)
  • Newt Gingrich (1%, 101 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,103

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  • Bob D


    To say that Newt and Mitt agree with most of what Ron Paul says may seem to be true domestically but it misses a very important point. Newt and Mitt don’t give us a path to cutting the federal budget defecit. They don’t even pretend to. No Math in their promises. Without that, all the other promises fall apart. And you Can’t do it without ending the foreign wars.

    They give new meaning to voodoo economics. Mitt honestly admits he will not cut the military budget right away(code for the 8 years he is president) Newt is less specific. Only Ron will cut 1 trillion in the first year. Without that math, all the promises Newt and Mitt make are TOTALLY FATUOUS. And make supporters like 777denny look like blithering idiots. Either that or he was absent the day his 5th grade teacher introduced math to the slow learners.


  • Michael Bulas

    Remember Mitt Romney is anti gun rights. The last resort of a tyrannical government is to limit our right to bear arms because our last resort is our right to bear arms against that government.

  • Michael Bulas

    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” -Thomas Jefferson

  • Michael Bulas

    If Dr. Paul does not make it to the ballot it is because of exactly what he said “the truth is treason in the empire of lies”. If you want the man as president write his name in we cannot be swooned into thinking that we have to vote for a person who is on the ballot that’s a stupid way of thinking. Although I do greatly oppose obama and all of this bigots if it wasn’t for Ron Paul great vision then who would be there. We all need to stand up tall and do what’s right. Nobody running for the office of president deserves it more than Dr. Paul and he isn’t too old he will live to be 100 and hey we already know he wont age in office either he already knows exactly what he will do and how he will do it and has known for over 20 years. It is our time and even if you don’t write in his name when you vote he should at least be vice president most definitely but in my eyes he needs to be president. He has started something that cannot and will not be stopped even and in reality he did’nt really start what his ideals stand for that was the founders of this country. They thought it was worth there lives, all there money and land, there integrity and honor, just for freedom to be free from a government not have to pay taxes on everything that were too high. What has this nation become and why are people so blind to what is going on do they not know how to think for themselves. It is up to us to promote Ron Paul for president and to try our best to do what’s right which is fight for our country and not stop until we are sure that our government is doing what’s right also. In the words of Ron Paul “please I beg of you”. Act now or forever hold your peace.

  • hello. enjoy seeing supporters were satisfied. i am not. the stop thoughts are admissible. not getting out the platform at each opportunity was not. beyond the extreme illegal drug incarceration costs in Florida,… i only used to go to work, and come home and never watch politics. the one program of the year i may watch, would be a debate on my preferred channel in my state. that would be one five minute performance to reach all the regular working voters like myself, with an entire never before seen platform, even if it is the candidates’ 40th debate. the majority of the voters just do not watch politics. when given a golden opportunity to connect to expand your base, you must take complete advantage. i felt Dr. Paul lacked in this regard. liberty, prosperity, and peace to all.


    Of course Mr. Paul won, he always wins. He not only wins but what he says makes perfect sense and he has more raw intelligence than all his opponents put together.

    But now the bad news. THIS American public is more than 51% in the DARK.

    THIS bunch does not go for truth, and right. and any real change to speak of that doesn’t satisfy an immediate animalistic urge.

    Plato and even Aristotle both told us what would happen, eventually, to a democracy…for these reasons.

    If Mr. Paul does not get on the ballot, this will be my first missed election in over 20 years. I am sick of tweedley-dees and…dumbs.

  • Ricky Chuter

    How do we know who wins a debate? Easy count the times the opponents state “I agree with”, Ron Paul wins hands down as Newt and Romney are more and more changing their answers to agree with the good Doctor. By the end of these primary’s they will sound like Dr. Paul at the rate they are changing their talk. Just remember those 2 will say whatever they feel will get votes but will not live up to it.

  • EtaYorius

    Now could you people Vote for Paul on this Poll too? Paul was second just a few hours ago with Santorum winning by 14 votes… now Mitt is winning? VOTE AND SUPPORT PAUL:


  • PeoplePower

    Thursday January 26th – Georgia hearing on the Constitutional Eligibility of obama according to the Constitution and the precedented supreme court ruling that in order to be a natural born citizen one must be of both parents that were US citizens at the time of birth!!!!!
    DOES that describe obama?
    His father was born in Kenya and was a british subject. Never was a US citizen which makes obama an unconstitutionally usurper.
    Ron Paul surely you are aware of the cnstitutional qualification to hold the office of the POTUS because you protest to be a strick constitutionalist yet, I have yet to see you question this unconstitutional USURPER and bring him and this administration to task about this blatant felonious fraud that is being perpetrated against the US, Constitution, and the American Citizens.
    WHAT SAY YOU????????????????????????????????????????????
    WHAT do we have to do to remove this fraud??????????????????

  • Nan591

    Ron Paul is the only one who hasn’t changed his speeches in 30 years. He has not flipped flopped back and forth according to his popularity. He will stand true to his word and do what he says he will do. Santorum doesn’t know what he’s talking about from one sentence to the next. Mitt Romney will change his mind on which side he’s on according to how the voters react and Newt is just plain untruthful. They all sound like Obama, rich in speech, poor in doing anything about what they say they will.

    Ron’s my man and after him Rand’s my man.

  • Brad

    You can put a horse in a garage and call it a car but it will never be a car. You can call someone a Christian and put him in a church but that does not make him a Christian. Jesus said “you will know them by their fruit”.

    Santorum is a Catholic and a Knight of Malta. Look up on the internet the Oath Knights of Malta take and you will see who they really report to and how little they really care about our constitution and how much they hate everyone else. Unlike what we are told, the first leader of the Catholic church was not Peter. The church was completely different until Constantine took it over. Constantine was a pagan and continued to worship the sun god but mixed religions for political reasons. Those who did not go along with him were killed and the real followers of Jesus went “underground”. Since then the followers of Jesus have had difficulty in sorting out what were the true teachings of Christ and the traditions handed down to us by the pagan religious and political institution called the Catholic church. When the Bible was finally translated it helped us sort thing out but there are still many who interpret the Bible from their tradition. This is in the history books before they were “watered down”.

    There are many good Catholics who love God. I am not against them. I am against man-made institutions that set themselves up to be another god or king. The Vatican recently called for a one world government…published in numerous news outlet in many languages. That should tell you something. The official stance of the Catholic church to explain our existance is evolution, not creation. That should tell you something.


    ~OneLove~ JBB

  • Lisa E Garrett

    LOL I finally found a way to figure out where to find an online timeline that would most accurately show who won the debate. Go to a Ron Paul site! LOL I know you guys have the best online support system! I must say that I do not believe that Ron Paul will ever be president but it would not surprise me if his son Rand Paul will be one day. I like a lot of Ron Paul’s opinions but I, like so many others, do not like his foreign affairs isolationist views. Something tells me his son will win the hearts of all of the young folks that are such adamant admires after he gets a little more experience. I have enjoyed Ron Paul in the debates. I like him; just wont vote for him.

    • Valentin

      I am a jew, but know a thing or two about christianity. A good christian family teaches to resolve conlfict by talking, to turn the other cheek and the like. Not all jews are following the ethics that the religion promotes, or so I have concluded from observation. Since all men are created equal, I assume not all christians are saints either, but the leaders, who claim to get their values from the religion, should atleast pretend to follow the high values of their religion. What is your take on a guy like Santorum, devoted christian, saying he would bomb Iran as soon as he is president? Is Iran the holy land and deserves a crusade? Jihad, the muslim sacred fight against the infidels, advocates destruction of the enemies, and good devoted christians, living in the model democracy of the world, with the most sublime constitution ever devised by man, should atleast morally seperate themselves from their enemies, who they claim are immoral. If you sink to the level of your enemies, you have already lost the fight my friend. I don’t think that Gingrich even deserves a commentary, so I will move straight to Romney. He advocated in this debate to use any means available, short of a military intervention (he said aiming at a Ron Paul approval), against the oppresive regemes of the south american countries. Was he not informed that exactly those available means short of war, namely the CIA, practically raised Bin Laden? A slightly different religion – Buddhism, advocates karma. physics, THE science of our modern world, says for every action there is a reaction. Turning the other cheek is exactly to prevent escalation and blowback, but some people refuse to understand this simple fact, supported in any religion and science known to man, but Ron Paul is not even that extreme, and simply wants to attend to America first, and have well defined wars with objectives. He won’t refuse to go to war with a declaration, and wants to maintain trade relations with all nations. The only real surviving communist country is north Korea, and THEY survived as such by strict isolationism. The other countries have given up because of economics, and because of the promotion of trade from the democratic countries, not because of the war which gives fuel to ideology and unites the citizens against a common enemy.

      • Great response. I myself was raised by Irish immigrants as roman catholic. That is until I studied and figured out Catholicism is just Christianity coopted by the romans. State sponsored religion might as well be diaspora facism.

        anyways, following up on your points- a good Christian that follows the golden rule is simply a good Jew. Afterall, Jesus got angry with the money changers because of their greedy plutocratic ways.

        This coopting of religions by plutocrats and extremists self loathers has caused so much ignorance and persecution in the world. 🙁
        Ron Paul 2012

    • ronpaul2012

      Ron Paul supports non-interventionism. He does not support isolationism.

    • Mr.Finland

      Ron paul is not an isolationist. Stop watching bill o reily and the rest of the alphabet channels. Go read what jefferson and washinton wrote about having foreign alliances. Rand paul is the same as his father on most policies.

    • EtaYorius

      Then dont say you like him, because clearly YOU DONT.

      If i say i like him, then I VOTE for HIM.

  • Anne Coulter just said Vote for newt ;elect Obama.
    For newt ,I would argue”get the fork”….he’s done!

  • Charles

    Really would have to say that a majority of the questions in this so called debate had nothing to do with what is happening with our country and what needs to be done to turn it around and how the candidates would handle the situations. And the paid media is still avoiding giving Dr. Paul the coverage he deserves after this so called debate’s. Is kind of funny how Mitt and Ging are turning their thoughts to mimic Dr. Paul and Santorum has no idea of what is happening with some of his ramblings. Ron paul has my vote all the way if his name is not on the ballet I will write it in, the status quote is afraid of what he brings to the people and returning our god given rights back to us. The people need to open their eyes and see he is the only candidate for the people.

  • Ron Paul should stay in as long as possible,but I hope he does consider seriously a third party run.If Romney or Gingrich get elected president,you can virtually count on a war with Iran and hence Russia.China will not be very happy about their oil supply being interrupted by war in Iran.Romney+ Gingrich+ AIPAC =WAR

  • Patrick

    Im sick of people saying all republicans want to do is beat Obhama, how try saying we want our freedoms and for the government to relies they serve us the people. Thus being said Ron Paul is the only candidate for the people and the only one who realizes what true freedom is. Vote Ron Paul 2012

  • Remember that Ron Paul is NOT a Conservative, but rather a Libertarian. This may explain why the Reagan Revolution does NOT have Paul’s name applied to it, but rather Newt’s.

    All big thinkers and shakers are grandiose in their ideas, and many don’t mind telling you about their grandiose ideas. Ronald Reagan had a grandiose idea of calling the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire.” Now the Establishment Republicans and the Democrats didn’t like this idea, but Reagan didn’t want to live with this threat, instead, he wanted to ELIMINATE IT! And so he set out to convince as many people as possible of this grandiose idea, and was able to get elected and build up our military — even through the Democrats’ nasty campaign against this idea with their name calling and frightening people into thinking Reagan was a “war monger.” But Reagan prevailed because he could communicate to the Public his ideas well enough that they accepted them.

    Newt Gingrich had grandiose ideas back before the 1994 elections. He wanted to win the House of Representatives back from the Democrats, who had held it since 1952, forty years. He convinced a great deal of Republicans and voters that his ideas were better than the Democrat’s ideas. And what happened? A spectacular, historic victory! His strategy with the content of his 1994 Contract with America propelled the Republicans to a 54-seat gain in 1994 to win control of the House of Representatives, the Republicans only capturing it two out of the previous 62 years. Even the Reagan Revolution failed to achieve that!

    Then Newt led the House Republicans in 1996 to their first re-election as a majority since 1928 — an astounding almost 70 years!

    And once in power, Newt Gingrich actually delivered on his promises, and maintained a solid conservative record, working closely with Conservative Activist Groups on every one of these issues. He carried out the Contract with America in full, holding a vote on every item as promised, with most of the items passing. Newt maintained a RECORD of unswerving loyalty to pro-life, pro-gun and Second Amendment, and anti-tax issues.

    Under Newt’s leadership, the total federal spending relative to GDP declined from 1995 to 2000 by a whopping 12.5%. This equals about one-eighth of the size of the economy in just five short years!

    As a result, those nasty $200 billion annual federal deficits that had prevailed for over 15 years were instead transformed into record-breaking surpluses by 1998. They peaked at $236 billion in 2000.

    Mr. Gingrich also led enactment of a capital gains tax rate cut of almost 30% in 1997. It went from 28% down to 20%, the largest capital gains cut in U.S. history! And BECAUSE of that cut, capital gains revenues went up a whopping $84 billion higher for 1997 to 2000 than projected before Newt’s rate cut.

    RINO Romney ran to the Left of Ted Kennedy, governed like Ted Kennedy, voted like Ted Kennedy and then ran for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination as a Conservative WITHOUT a record of conservatism! Go Newt! — 777denny

    • Valentin

      I don’t know the facts about Gingrich and the 90s, but Ron Paul said in a previous debate, when he was more active on the offensive, that it was comming. You’ll excuse me of course if I trust Ron Paul’s words more than what what Gingrich or one of his supporters says. But the 90s are far enough for anybody to remember correctly, and public opinion is what matters, and past good does not ensure forgiveness for later sins, especially if the sins are against tax payers. Would you vote for the CEO of Freddie Mac? He too, like Gingrich claimed as a ride on the Romney defensive tactics, made his capital in the free market. A vote for Gingrich is a vote for an a-moral candidate which would be subject to the military industrial complex lobby. Well, to be honest, he has a strong character, and would not fold in front of them. He would make sure he has something on the side from them first.

      • Valentin

        The historic Republican win was comming that is, with gingrich or without him.

        Maybe Gingrich would like to take credit for the Tea Party aswell?

    • Bismarck2

      That is absolutely untrue, Newt undermined the principles of the Contract with America once established in office. See Newt is Not A Conservative.

    • NObama2012

      With all due respects, you’ve been listening to too much propaganda.
      The “Contract With America” was part of the effort to regain the House,
      but people weren’t won over by Newt’s “grandiose ideas”, but by anger
      at Bill Clinton for forcing NAFTA on us. Much of the spending cuts were
      cuts in military spending by Bill Clinton. As for the cuts in taxes on
      capital gains, you should consider that most of the income politicians get
      are from investments, and subject to capital gains taxes. He was basically
      reducing his own taxes. Partly due to these tax cuts, since the stock markets
      around the world were having serious problems at the time, a large number
      of foreign investors invested their money in the US stock market, causing a
      huge increase in stock prices, but it was not due to the actions of either party.
      (Too bad it couldn’t last.) As for the budget “surpluses”, Ron Paul addressed
      this in the FL debate. He had looked into Newt’s claims, and found that the
      surpluses were due to the fact that Congress had started raiding Social Security
      funds (replacing the investment capital with IOU’s of fiat currency).
      The truth is that Newt has a lot of distrust to overcome among the voters. He
      was unfaithful to his wives (his current is his third, a former secretary with whom he had an affair while his second wife was dying of cancer). He has changed positions on issues, seemingly to the highest bidder. He did in fact work
      reporting to a lobbyist, and was paid 1.6 million dollars. He supports the status quo, which will not bring jobs back to America.
      RON PAUL 2012…The only rational choice.

  • Valentin

    I hope the viewers understand that both Romney and Gingrich agree with just about everything Ron Paul is saying. Gingrich has started it at the last debate, and Romney really overcompensated for this fact, probably by the advice of his campaign staff, and actually stopped his south america answer in the middle to explain himself to Ron Paul. Is this a competition for the candidacy of the republican party, or to the president of the Ron Paul fan club? the Ron Paul supporters are and blinded by flip-floppers, and Ron Paul is to honest to endorse any of them. What is it that they are competing for? what are their goals in such a move? But one thing is certain – had the media been less biased, and their political analysts more honest, then they would report this fact and Ron Paul would gain a lot of votes. Why vote for a phony when the real thing is in front of you?

    • Valentin

      are *not* blinded by flip-floppers, and Ron Paul is *too* honest to endorse them.

      sorry 🙂

  • EtaYorius

    Who votes for the rest in a Ron Paul site? hahaha