Ron Paul: The Best Choice for a Strong National Defense

  • Someone offered a US base on the Moon

    Ron Paul should offer any US soldier on US soil – a sniper riffle that can pick off anything on the Moon – with the money saved


  • Ron Paul speaks of ideas that are attractive to an overwhelmed people.

  • Rose Electric

    Willard (Mittens) Romney, Rick Sanscrotum, and FigNewton Gingrich are three of the most devout Chickenhawks on the trail today. Obama could be included as well, but that will count later. These three circus clowns have no problem whatsoever talking tough, and vicariously waging war, as long as somebody else’s sons and daughters are fighting and dying for their bravado ! Since all three are pre-programmed marionettes of the Military Industrial Complex, one need not look far to understand why they are even in the race at all. Bought and paid for ! The worst is the mindless, shape shifting robot, Willard Romney. He opted to sit out the Vietnam War while his peers were fighting and dying in Indochina so he could spread the Mormon message whilst living in a Palace in France and bicycling the French countryside, thanks to his deferments, courtesy of Mormon Church elders ! Disgusting coward ! In another time,any one of these three cowards would have pilfered a Titanic lifeboat seat from a woman or child ! Here is a link to the complete Chickenhawk list :
    I should not have to be vetting these cowards and doing the Mainstream Media’s job for them, but since they are owned by the USA’a largest defense contractors, the chances of them doing it are zero. There is only one choice to restore America to the great nation she once was, and that choice is Ron Paul 2012 !


  • bravo

  • Judge I hope when Ron Paul gets the nomination he picks you for his running mate.

  • Ron Paul for President!

  • Somebody get me in touch with the young people who line the streets at primaries and caucases. I have a placard message for the Vietnam generation that might possibly wake up a few folks. Is there any group at a University in Washington state or Maine that I can contact?

  • Somebody get me in touch with the young people who line the streets at primaries and caucases. I have a placard message for the Vietnam generation that might possibly wake up a few folks. Is there any group at a University in Washington state or Maine that I can contact?

  • to ron paul supporters – please stop engaging in name calling arguments. that is not the best way to win people over. we have to have intelligent civil discussions and show we respect other’s opinions to win others over.

  • America has already got the most powerful army in the world

  • This is on fox?

    I guess I’ve seen everything now.

  • PattyFromTexas

    I’m looking through the news today, following the republican presidential nomination race, and it occurs to me that the most important issue facing the world today is a lack of accurate information, because in order to make sound decisions, you have to have accurate information right? Well the media isn’t doing it’s job, and people are being fed a steady stream of lies, innuendo, and manipulation of public opinion. It never ceases to amaze me how short the attention span of the American people is. Does no one remember how Gingrich was the first Speaker in history to be censured and fined for Ethics violations? Does no remember how he resigned in disgrace? Does no one remember how he took millions of dollars from Freddy and Fanny Mae right before they got bailouts from our treasury? What is WRONG with people I think to myself.

    Then there’s Romney who’s a nice looking guy with a nice looking family and without the ethical baggage Newt brings with him but he’s got problems too, with his flip-flopping on every important policy, saying whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear. I’ve always heard that if you should follow the money, so I looked at Romney’s backers and noticed his biggest contributors are the same big banks that got bailout money, like Goldman Sachs. Do people not remember that Romney also created the mandated health care system in Massachusetts, that Obama-care is based on?

    Do we really REALLY want more of the same? Both parties are endorsing bailouts with our money, both parties are pushing another war based on flimsy evidence, let us not forget how the last one worked out. Both congress and the senate are pushing their own versions of internet censorship laws, both parties endorse waterboarding, which is torture and illegal under our constitution, and International law as well, both parties support the unpatriotic bill, both parties support the TSA’s unconstitutional invasive and searches, which by the way has never NEVER managed to catch a single terrorist, even after countless millions of searches of men, women and children.
    Does any of this ring a bell? All this is information readily available with a 5 min search on google, yahoo, or whatever search engine you use. All of this is yesterday’s news. Have people in this country really come to the point where we don’t even bother to investigate the fact’s we’re being fed on the mainstream media? Obama is bailing out banks and doing unconstitutional things like extra-judicial assassinations of American Citizens without due process, passing an ex post facto Law by retroactively fining the banks that we bailed out for giving their CEOs bonuses which is unconstitutional according to article I section 9 of the constitution. Like I said all this information is available on the internet in the form of Cspan youtube videos, online archives of transcripts available from old speeches and footage from the house and senate floor.

    There is only one candidate that foresaw all that came to pass with the housing bubble, The influence that Freddy mac and Fanny Mae would have on the housing market because of manipulation of that market by making so much credit available, and how it would distort the market. Only one candidate has been warning us about how the fed, and its unrestricted authority to print money out of thin air to the point where our dollars are almost worthless. When Congressman Paul’s bill to audit the Fed finally DID result in a partial audit, it was revealed that the federal reserve made more than 16 TRILLION American tax dollars available to banks during the 2008 financial crisis. There is only one candidate that cautioned against the Iraq war saying that it would cause more terrorism a concept called BLOWBACK. There only one candidate who’s decades of leadership in congress, has been scandal free, consistent, prescient. Congressman Paul is the only Candidate running for president who walks the walk, talks the talk, who’s actions match his words. Only one incorruptible man. Again I say All this information is available on the internet with a 5 min search.

    Oh and another thing the Media is failing to inform the people about is the fact that Governor Romney, and Congressman Paul are the only candidates on ALL the ballots. This fact alone negates Rick Santorum and Speaker Gingrich in any case, even if their own past actions don’t.

    I would like to reiterate how critical is the issue of access to accurate information. We Americans have forgotten our history with the countries of the oilbearing middle east. If we the people had access to accurate information we would know that our history with Iran started in 1953 when our CIA overthrew their democratically elected leader and installed the Shah of Iran a leader friendly to the US, a man so brutal, his reign came to an end in a revolution 20 years later, with the result of the makeover of that country into an Islamic dictatorship hostile to the US, and understandibly paranoid of our intentions towards them. This is called blowback, which simply means our interference in their affairs has had the foreseeable results. According to the IAEA Iran does not have a nuclear weapon, nor do they have any evidence that they have it.

    Remember how we were assured that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s and that he was prepared to use them on us, and how our soldiers wore biohazard suits during the invasion, while they walked into war? Rmember how everyone voted for the invasion except Congressman Paul? Remember how everyone but Congressman Paul thought the Patriot Act was such a good idea? If we forget our history with this region how can we make sound decisions when dealing with them? If we don’t know the causes how can we find solutions? How can we correct a problem if we don’t know the history? Which by the way is available on the internet with a 5 min search. Stop and think about how our policies affect other countries. Like Congressman Paul says, “we have 13000 diplomats. Lets use them” I challenge anyone come up with a better foreign policy than mutual respect, free trade, entangling alliances with none. A better economic policy than, ending the fed’s authority to print money, manipulate currency, and debase the value of our dollars, and a better domestic policy than respecting the constitution, and protecting We the People’s inalienable rights to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  • romneys not very bright, he is the same as bush and obama

  • Another thing you limp wristed liberals like to say is “I don’t share you idea, but I’ll fight for you to have it”. Fight who? When would YOU be willing to fight ANYONE to protect my rights? You must be thinking of Obama when you say things like that. You credit yourself for the sacrifice others make. They made them so YOU would’t have to fight to protect what they already fought for. That said, even in the Military there are “cushy” positions. Ask Dr. Paul is you doubt me. He wasn’t a combat Dr

  • this a fantastic video, i found this one on chatitout (.com) website

  • I see know what I suspected for a long time now. Hippies are idiots! They actually believe this crap and jump on the bandwagon that we simply don’t care.We are an actual melting pot of people in America, you numbskulls. War is repugnant to most of us all the time, but is still an evil necessity sometimes. You act as though there is a war a week and WE start them. That is you channeling liberal idiot professor, talking also never served. what we get from you is simply lip service from nitwits.

  • Because you served in tyne Military it doesn’t give you special protection from insanity stupidity or just plane old Bad Ideas. I wish people would quit trying to qualify their positions by beginnig their diatribe with “I served in the ” this as a that and so I have the best platform upon which to speak my opinion. We have certainly had actual WAR on out own soil. Though no one is still alive from those wars, we remember and still no one advocates going to war right now so GET OFF Colonel Klink!

  • US Military is as big as the next 17 countries combined… The danger comes from the attempts of imperialistic domination of the world, for sure from not having enough “guns”… 9/11 shown the world the worst may come from the inside… And I’m not talking about boxcutters.

  • all of my ron paul video that i have saved on favorites have all been blocked……..