Ron Paul: The Best Choice for a Strong National Defense

  • i just donated $20 to ron paul by ordering some bumper and lapel stickers. I encorage everyone do the same.


  • mr judge you are the only host of msm i respect

  • RP will have a stronger defense because he will have more defense spending at HOME and will not be causing hatred towards us overseas. America is in danger if another socialist gets in and bankrupts America…logic & common sense demands we campaign for Paul

  • Ron Paul will be the worst for a strong defense. With him in office, there would be WW3 before we know it. Americans are in danger.

  • If Ron Paul was an ice cream flavor it would be rocky road that get’s fixed not using federal tax dollars

  • Ron Paul’s bare arms deserve another amendment

  • Ron Paul’s bare arms deserve another amendment

  • On the first day Ron Paul created God. Then he went on a 25 mile bike ride.

  • Like he said Dr.Paul is the only one in touch with reality.. Idk why ppl don’t see that the only candidate that knows what he’s talking about is Dr.Paul I just wish America would I understand this…ugh this is so frustrating!!!

  • Wow, another honest man who knows his worldly sh*t. Hey Col.! Hows about running for Vice Pres with Ron Paul. Thanks Judge! You da man!!!
    Ron Paul 2012 or Bust. This is it! All or nothing.

  • its too bad that 911 was an inside job

  • The first thing he says is have the strongest military & the people clap for it?! Go destroy the world & our economy at the same time yay we want it! Im starting to get sick of the ignorance in this country!

  • Hahaha, spoton! Ron Paul really should be the new “Chuck Norris”! So cmon people, write some funny Chuck Norris-jokes about Dr. Paul! (Im not that funny, so Im just gonna sit back and watch!)
    Also: You know you’re gonna get alot of thumbs up, winwin! Haha

  • Our foreign military presence: “Catalyst for conflict”. That about sums it up. Please, please, please clear up any lack of understanding or misinformation you may have about the difference between ‘military spending’ and “DEFENSE”, there are huge differences. Do not base your view on what the MSM tells you, LOOK for yourselves. Ron Paul does NOT want to weaken the U.S. but would take the opposite position and work to build back up our ability to protect and defend U.S. Citizens and our borders.

  • Ron Paul IS NOT a racist!!!!!!

  • Great video.

  • i would vote ron paul if he wasnt racist

  • YouTube blocking Paul questions. Check it out:
    blog. shawnhyde. com/post/2012/01/28/Why-was-this-question-removed-from-Your-Interview-with-the-President. aspx

  • Dr Paul should listen to how Col. Macgregor explains this.

  • ChuckNorris sayed that he was on Raun Paulsside but i guess Newts money got to him