Ron Paul: The Best Choice for a Strong National Defense

  • Ron Paul is the only real conservative still running


  • The Col. is correct: I remember when there was one MSgt and one Capt in charge of the Avionics division; now there is a Capt and a C.W.O and a MGySgt., a MSgt, and a GySgt in charge of Avionics. The division hasn’t grown, only the power. Ron Paul 2012

  • Something that should be pointed out is the 564 delegates Santorum and Gingrich aren’t eligible for?

    It’s going to come down to Obama winning or Ron Paul. Why?

    Three elections so far clearly show:
    Youth vote clearly Ron Paul wins.
    Independent vote is clearly Paul’s.
    Crossover democrats — only for Paul.

    Toss in Paul supporters won’t vote for anyone but Paul since nobody but him is serious about fixing the economy, ending endless wars, fixing the tax code, etc.

  • This guy “Judge” doesn’t seem to be your average Fox News reporter…..

  • Judge NAp should have a daily show on prime time channels, not basic cable. HE should have this show on at 8 pm every night on every channel

  • lol so man ron paul haters..

  • Americans like war because beyond the service industry war means jobs.

  • you have to be some sicko to dislike this video…

  • Whats funny is I was watching Lie to Me and in applied psychology when a person is shaking there head no then they are in disagreement with their own statement. Watch Romney say his statement again and look and his head.

  • meant to say in war they slaughter kids and babies no discrimination

  • meant to say in war they slaughter kids and babies no discrimination

  • I hope Romney and Newt supporters get a clue and dont believe the war propaganda like I did in 2008. Romney, Obama, Newt, Cain , McCain, Rick Santorum there all on the same team. There all linked with JP Morgan and Goldman Sacks and the banker elite. There going to force war because Iran wont play ball with big bank and there going to use our boys to accomplish it and wreck the family unit at home. Guys take NOTE THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION IN WAR THEY SLAUGHTER CHILDREN, WOMAN AND KIDS !

  • At one time a demarcate I am now a Ron Paul supporter.

  • Like I would vote for the REAL rasist Newt or the REAL wall street, Mitt. The only one with intergrity is Ron Paul. May he live long and prosper !

  • Ron Paul Is right 100%.
    Setting up military basses all around the world only causes conflict! It’s like you or I just walking into someone’s house and sitting in the main chair to watch their TV! Conflict would be a natural occurrence that’s why we as people don’t do this!

  • Well I will apply this things to America’s Defense. America’s Defense is weak due to the fact of over spending overseas and just over spending in general. A prosperous economy is the start of the best defense as it promotes growth and money for everyone which allows the ability for rapid production at the time of war. America is not a weak nation but it is becoming weaker and weaker by politicians. Particularly China has the strongest military because of their size and their prosperous economy

  • In any RTS game particularly the Age of Empire Series, in order to start battling you must develop a stable economy. Well the secrets to the game is that you must have a strong and prosperous economy to support battle as it hits you. Well you make 3 barracks, 3 archery ranges, 3 stables or any combination of units that you desire. Well by doing this you can overrun your enemies by have the economy to allow rapid production in as little as no time. This allows reinforcements to be rapidly produce

  • Yes I agree, In order to have a strong defense you must have a prosperous economy. An economy leads to more funding which can rapidly increase the size of any military in just a few weeks. A Prosperous nation is a very deadly nation as money can be dispersed to get mercenaries, offer sign on bonuses for military enlistment and most importantly spend on technology for production of missiles, vehicles, aircraft, ships….etc….

  • If anyone played RISK board game, we know what happens when you go on the attack so long. Your forces become weak/thinned out. War never boosts economy. This is a lie told by talking heads. People become more conservative in spending. Military companies make more and spend. I cherish the “Paul” influence.Everything is pooh! Go RP!

  • Ron Paul is not going to win. America is not ready for him. we need another 4 years of corruption and tyranny before a Ron Paul has a chance. luckily he has a son who will be ready when America is on the brink of TOTAL collapse. we will get there. it is a matter of time….