Watch the CNN Republican Debate in Florida

CNN, Republican Party of Florida and Hispanic Leadership Network Debate
Jacksonville, FL

Participants: Ron Paul, Rich Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney

Ron Paul Highlights:

Full video will be available soon.


  • nonononononono there is no latin america, look away LOOK AWAY, terrorist on afganistan in irak THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE

  • No he wasn’t implying you need religion to be a good person– he never has. The RP Revolution doesn’t place any emphasis on social conservatism; the general position on social issues is to give states more freedom from Federal “one size fits all” mandates.

    As an aside, Dr. Paul wasn’t asked IF his religion would have an impact on his decision-making, he was asked HOW religion would impact his decisions… so his unequivocal response (it wouldn’t at all) is all the more encouraging.

  • Ron Paul killed this debate…..Love you Dr.PAul!

  • If you support our military then you should support RON PAUL.

  • Ron Paul is such a badass!

  • Newt knows he better suck up to Ron Paul and his supporters, People need to realize that RON PAUL is the ONLY way for the republicans to get back in the white house.

  • it is nice to see Ron Paul beating some sense into the others

  • Telemachus

    It’s really funny how Newt is trying to ape Paul.

    Dr. No, 2012!

  • S W Graves

    Two things in Paul’s future…front porch and rocking chair! At least he is consistent at one thing, finishing last in the primaries.

    • Telemachus

      Two things in your future: a collapsing economy and indefinite detention in a government camp…. that is, should you choose to support one of the Republicrats over the only candidate that makes any sense.

    • Ron

      I think maybe you should think about the only thing left in you and your family”s future if any canidate is elected that do not support Paul or the Constitution and policies that he supports

  • ray farrell

    what is going on, i,m sick of all the wars ,and being told what to do by idiots with power,,,,i hope everybody wakes up, have yuu seen the other 3 hahaha,there a joke, come on everybody,,,,,,,we need ron paul, For a better world. I m inglish living in sweeden,i wish i was in america,helping ron,WAKE UP AMERICA, if ron paul is doesent get in ,,,,,,weve got big problems…

  • ray farrell

    i really hope ron paul becomes presedent,he,s a very intelligent man,the other 3 will not change alot,america and the world needs ron paul,Ilike this man he is really the last hope we have to change this crazy world

  • Demsprtr

    Dr. Ron Paul, It seems to me, needs to send a powerful message to voters that the front runners are going somewhat soft on the the topic of our military preasents around the globe. They lack a passionate commitment to ending the wars and need to have that pointed out.
    Dr.Paul needs to be very clear about the subject of what happens to the education system. He needs to spell out how this will work as many can’t see the advantage of a education on a state run system. Eliminate the education dep.of the gov. insites the premise that he is advocating poor education policy. I do not see this as the case but the knee jerk reaction is staggering.
    Dr. Paul strikes me as a soft spoken type much like the great decorated hero known to many from the TV show as Mr. Rogers. This can pose a problem in my minds eye as far as obtaining a nomination goes. I think he is a great guy that needs to turn the volume up on his confidence. I,m sure he would react in a positive way on the battelfield and quite possibly earn a hero statis. He needs to get his winning attitude in high gear and shift down on the hills. Ron Paul 2012. Thanks

  • JD

    I think it would have been interesting to hear Ron Paul’s response to the Palestinian American’s question. But of course CNN decides to only listen to 2 out of the 4 candidate’s who pretty much gave answers that said to the questioner, “Sorry, but we’re sticking with our friends.” That doesn’t help anything. We already know what allies do. Way to go Gingrich and Romney, your attempts to be so Pro-Israel pretty much buried a simple question and the questioner into the ground.

    “Your Palestinian descent puts you in a unique position, and your question is an important one. The Government of the Palestinian people unfortunately has as part of it’s core beliefs that a people of another state (Israel) are not to exist. The United States supports it’s allies. Hence, we take grave issue with the Palestinian Government wanting Israel and Jews to not exist. If the Palestinian Government wants that, they do not want peace. If any country wants the people of another country to not exist, they do not want peace. As someone of Palestinian descent who is interested in peace in the region, it is you who can be a voice for that peace. If the people want peace, the people should take a stand for it, because the current Government over there is just not making strides in that direction.

    That’s what I would’ve said. But I’m not Ron Paul.

    • kelly liddle

      The problems there seem pretty much intractable as there are members on both sides of the fence that do not want the other to exist. This applies to both governments also with Israel claiming they want a 2 state solution yet Israel shall control the borders of the Palestinian territories which would mean they are not there own country. Also the issues regarding where any border might be because in recent history even if you defeat another country that attacks you, you still give all the land back. For example the US and UK did not claim a part of Germany after defeating them. It should also be recognised that many Jews and Palestinians do not like the behaviour of their governments.

      The only real question is US involvement making the situation better or worse.

      • Valentin

        It is a 70 year old problem, starting with the british supporting both sides by vague declarations, trying to gain political leverage as well as assistance in the world war by the population, or so the israelies are taught in school. As a student of east asian studies, and after taking an introduction course to the history of India as well as China, and learning about the behavior of the british government, it seems quite reasonable to me that the they would behave like that. but both sides are to blame for escalation. the palestinians leaders had marked the israelies as the enemy and source of all problems since then, and it is quite convenient, while the arab nations rather have them live like they do, and go to wars with israel, rather than give the palestinians refuge, so they are going for convenience as well. The israeli civil unrest is mostly economic, and there were always criticism of the government, but the behavior and bias against arabs is much like the racism that was against blacks in the united states in the not so distant past, though nobody speaks of it, and on the surface israel is a democracy. Although the ones who started the protest this summer have been identified as leftist activists (and the left in Israel is against all wars and aggression), I seriously doubt that much of the protesters hold the same opinions regarding the palestinians. As i said, the protest is mostly economic. The biases on both sides are so strong that a solution is highly unlikely, and any politician that promises to resolve the situation in the US, as Obama did, is getting himself in a lot of mud with no prospects of getting out. Ron Paul is for trade, and Israel has vast trading connections with the US military industrial complex. Perhaps with Ron Paul’s policies the US military needs for cutting edge technology would be lowered, and thus harming Israel, but no negotiator or influence seems capable of resolving the situation, unless the US is willing to act as judge jury and executioner, in which case approving that Israel (or the palestinians for that matter, though unlikely because of the technological superiority of Israel) oppress the other by force, but no leader would do that – as stated in today’s debate by Ron Paul, the cold war is over, and this too would be political suicide, though Santorum doesn’t seem to realise that fact. In conclusion, the situation is not resolvable with mediation or without it, so it seems that Ron Paul’s policies is not against Israel, moreover, Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, probably soon to lose his political power because of the poor state of the economy, has stated that he does not require US sponsorship, and that is because of the hostile, it seems from his side, policy from the Obama administration. So I guess a move from hostility to Ron Paul’s neutrality would be a move to the better.

    • you don’t sound like a RP follower…

  • Justin

    ron paul is just a phoney. He is against everything and says he is agianst gay marriage but says leave it to the states. whey don;t we just make every state its own country in that case. Paul is a joke!!!!

    • steve

      you are either a troll or just very misinformed i suggest you start reading more about our nations history before you start spewin facts always make sure you can back them up…thats free advice next time you get burned

    • Don

      Justin I think if you actually took the time to examine Dr. Paul’s record your comment would be substantially different. As opposed to you posting a troll like comment lacking any evidence of independent logical thought, based on a working knowledge of history and trends. You seem to lack that knowledge totally.
      Indeed the states are and were to be set up as individual republics which had a sworn alligence to their own soverignty first and to the Union of the united states of America. Read, study, know your constitution! Then make a comment which reflects the same.

    • marco feola

      justin your grasp of the english language is a joke. maybe you should proof read before you post if you want people to take you seriously, or is it simply what they taught you under a federally controlled education system?

  • Valentin

    It seems that Grinich is adopting everything Ron Paul is saying. I have noticed this in the last debate, but in this one, Romney also picked up on the trend. They both consider themselves to be the winners, and are trying to extract a Ron Paul endorsement. Neither of them deserves it. Atleast Santorum is honest about opposing Ron Paul’s ideas, though it seems he still lives in the 1960s in the midst of the cold war. I hope he realises that his voters are a fanatic minority. Since the economy fell in the Bush administration, the country naturally picked a democrat, but the left is never good at economics, and 2 years later, 2010 was a far right blowback. Right now Santurom is riding 2010 not realising it is 2012.

    Ron Paul, you can beat both of these inconsistent hypocrites with character alone, and Santorum on the issues. I hope you do not endorse either one of them and run as an independent if you are not nominated. It sure seems you are able to pull it off this year.

  • lisakaysnyder

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Mr Paul,
    Thank you for being anchored and keeping focused on our countries foundation. Everyone needs healthy relationships and boundaries in inner and outer circles. Inspirations and actions are nurtured by observing what others live; seeing the beliefs and actions that you want. THANK YOU for not getting caught up in worthless banter that wastes our resources. You would rally a team to anchor us regardless of age race money connections etc. Thank god., u r handsome but not a smooth pretty boy..we know the pretty ladies get the ads anyway. The united states of america does not need fluff and SLAP JAWS but you to proceed to land us firmly onto OUR stable shores. We noticed no one messes with your integrity thats because it is priceless.
    Independents roar and ought to be empowered.. Lets stop forcing republicans and democrats and instead lets empower free speech, voting and individuals and taking care of biz at home and our extended family at home to best enable us to reach out to other humanities and humanity . Lol lisa an oldie who gave up but has been catching the attention of youngsters who are the bench strength of this country. ps our political system is like wading thru mud without a good foothold only a bin to drop money and try on thx for striving above this and for your down to earth existence and sence of perspective and humor, lol l

  • Scott R

    Paul’s best debate yet! Getting more time and hitting on important topics

  • Lloyd Barnes

    Mr. Paul if the dollar continues to drop, what can we expect in oil prices and food shortages? Also where does the amero fit in all this?

  • Mr Paul should consider a third party run.Let’s go to the house and see what happens.

  • Mr Paul should consider a thrid party run