Watch the CNN Republican Debate in Florida

CNN, Republican Party of Florida and Hispanic Leadership Network Debate
Jacksonville, FL

Participants: Ron Paul, Rich Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney

Ron Paul Highlights:

Full video will be available soon.


  • He seems so honest. That’s what I love about him, I just don’t see how this guy could screw us over. I know he has my vote.

  • Dominating the debate and slight product placement for a cookbook? Ron paul 2012.

  • love how the other rats stand aside, and watch a true american make them feel more american!!!!!!! im a brit !! wake up ! ron paul all the way!!

  • I love how Romney keeps staring at Paul like he’s speaking Greek or something.

  • Ron Paul is fascinating. Even some of the delegates that run against him even agrees with him. Touch3

  • grandma and i voted for him 2day

  • GO RON PAUL!!!

  • i love you ron paul but please dont sell out… remember talk is cheap

  • three losers and one great man RON PAUL

  • I just love how Ron Paul tells it how it is. I hope news will stop trying to keep him out of the spotlight. They are doing there best not to show him on the local news. I also love how Mitt and Newt just sit back and watch when Ron speaks. That is a good indicator that he knows what he is talking about. People wake up Ron Paul will give the people back there America. Newt and Mitt are just more of the same puppets that we have had for the last 16 years.

  • Jefferson would vote for Ron Paul, and that should be enough for anyone.

  • Draft Rick Santorum. A few weeks of basic training will “realign” his perspective. Then send HIS ass over to Afghanistan for a year or two. That’d wipe that stupid penis look off his stupid penis face.

  • How can anyone watch these debates and support anyone but Paul?

  • Ron Paul, like a boss.

  • A counterfeit machine (the Federal reserve) ran by the U.N / NATO (not US in America) has the world is on welfare !
    A historical fall of Rome RE-INACTION is taking place on America as we speak !!! And we are all responsible for letting it happen . wAKE up America, support our troops, Support America STOP OBAMA/ OBAMNEY, Let Ron Paul be assassinated if elected in 2012

  • Forget Wall St., OCCUPY FOX NEWS!!!

  • the economic collapse of 2012 has begun, RIOTS IN OAKLAND!!!

  • haha rick santorum is the biggest cunt

  • 9:33
    Gingrich realise that he aint joking.

  • If america become president you will loose many enemys america 🙂