Watch the CNN Republican Debate in Florida

CNN, Republican Party of Florida and Hispanic Leadership Network Debate
Jacksonville, FL

Participants: Ron Paul, Rich Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney

Ron Paul Highlights:

Full video will be available soon.



  • Its crazy because I as a black man voted for obama the first go round I must admit I was fooled by his smooth talk.but aafter seeing what I’ve seen I must apologize to my fellow americans never again will I be fooled by a man based on just his words.but now that my eyes have been opened I see how hard it is to convince other blacks like me what a complete fraud this is….I’ve been called names like uncle tom house nigger etc and this has been by my own family.ron paul 2012

  • WTF Newt says that he’s confident that Ron Paul could serve as president if elected? Didn’t he say not too long ago that Paul was dangerous and wouldn’t be supported by him if elected?!?! WTF NEWT! CHOOSE A STANCE AND STICK WITH IT, YOU FUCKING FLIP FLOPPER!


  • what do we do you guys.. ron paul didnt get florida..

  • Happy Belated Anniversary Ron Paul and your wife!


  • I listen, I learn. I’ll write him IN if necessary. vote RON PAUL
    with the “conspiracies” found to be fact, I enjoy knowing that it will be ok…

  • What I find awesome is how both Newt and Romney are constantly nodding their heads towards what Ron Paul is saying.

    Even they know he’s right.

  • You North Americans best vote for this men, the world is tired of your government that thinks they’re the big brother… You best vote for him or the hatred that is raising towards USA arround the world will grow and grow.

  • I am from Serbia and I want to vote for Ron Paul!!!

  • We can’t beat Mitt money bags Romney! Dr. Paul won’t win…

  • Ron paul 2012! Please join us on Facebook at “Making Friends Through Ron Paul”

  • Innovation and Solutions in Energy as well

  • Principled Constitutional Leadership

    Seems like work in Obstetrics

    Overall health and well being of the United States

    With Human Resources as well

  • Ron Paul has one anniversary, Newt has eight.

  • this man is a genius, i mean hes fucking pragmatic!!! support RON PAUL!

  • The reason I wont change is because I feel the 2 party are part of the problem how many do you here them in Washington DC put there party and then the corperation and then the people. If Ron Paul gets to Novermber he will have my vote. This is why I will still believe this and keep saying this Ron Paul should of change party a long time ago. Yeah you may disagree with me but number dont lie he is not winning anything right now. But as a 3rd party he dont have to go though all this bs.