Ron Paul Campaigns in Maine

  • -=Ron Paul 2012=- same message for 30 years.

  • Every day we get alittle closer to are gola all we need to do is spread the word. Its Ron Paul or more of the same…


  • Last Man standing Ron Paul 2012 Bangor Maine sees the Rock Star !!

  • Last Man standing Ron Paul 2012 Bangor Maine sees the Rock Star !!

  • Nobody can Unlock the Gridlock in America but Ron Paul 2012

  • RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW I believe the polls are rigged!

  • Ron Paul is our man! God bless him!

  • EVERYONE watch this copy,paste = Bill O’Reilly gets Owned – “You wouldn´t sent Your Own Son to War”

  • Feisty

    I thought RonPaul was going to announce 2 endorsements yesterday,
    what happened..

  • Romney’s top donators are Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. Ron Paul’s top donators are the Army, the Air Force and the Navy.

  • One hell of a man. America’s second chance

  • Ron Paul has my vote. No Way Im voting for more of the same.

  • we need a Ron Paul in Australia 😀

  • Maine is a wonderful state that brims with patriots. It’s delightful but not surprising to see so many of them give a big a-yup to Ron Paul.

  • Ron paul! I’ve never voted in my life and i’m 34 but i vote for” RON PAUL” he is the first i trust to run this nation!



    Anybody else would just be craaaaazzzzy.

  • Go Ron! Go Ron! Boomers for Ron Paul! Give ’em hell!

  • theres no way these primaries aren’t rigged. everywhere i see on the internet is NOTHING but ron paul supporters.. i don’t believe he’s placing so low in these things one bit..

    • Knine

      Actually I agree.
      In SC, Newt was cancelling his speeches because no one was coming to listen to him. So how did he “win” it?
      Now there are people everywhere saying voter fraud. The people who were there to watch and verify that the process was done correctly said it was not. They said the SC law was violated there.

      If Georgia found Obama to not meet the constitutional requirements to run for POTUS. Which would mean that he cannot be the POTUS and MUST be replaced. Then everyone who assisted in the Obama “lie” and cover up; plus the push to get him into the POTUS position, arrested, held (Yeah, LOTS of replacements – think this was the “jobs” Obama was talking about?) for prosecution (when we replace the domestic enemies in that branch). Say
      Biden, etc on down, until about Ron Paul, are domestic enemies and Oath breakers, both are prosecutable and impeachable offense.
      Can we end up replacing Obama with just about the only person in the three branches to defend the US Constitution? (10th Amendment gives states – except where specifically limited by the Constitution – and “We the people” the power while it limits the power of our federal government and protects our natural Rights from them)
      It would give him this time, and, if voted in a maximum of (almost) 5 years as he would not be allowed to run for a 2nd term.

  • dagoberto

    I love this girl

    I hope she is still single 😉

  • I think Dr. Paul is only candidate who really reflects basic values and morals of US citisens so may God Bless him all the way and protect him. One vote from Arto from Finland! 🙂 <3