Ron Paul Campaigns in Maine

  • Come on people.. We finally don’t have to vote for the lesser evil, the choice is very damn clear here, Dr.Paul is one of a kind, they is never gonna be any one like this man in our life time , let’s fix this country and be proud of who we were again as leaders of the world, please vote for Ron…

  • If the public only realized what Ron Paul actually represented: the changes he suggests for our country aren’t new or extreme by any means, but rather a return to true U.S. American CONSTITUTIONALISM! Our wonderful population MUST open their eyes to acknowledge the bastardized form of “democracy” we’ve served for nearly the the past 100 years as the warped extreme, and Paul’s suggestions as the saving grace for our impotent state…


    • PAUListinian

      Ron Paul is the “RESET BUTTON” America so desperately needs at this time.

  • I honestly am not sure what’s wrong with Americans?? Why do they vote for a punch of crooks just because they sweet talk them, what’s wrong with decent candidates like Ron Paul who tell the truth and get to the core of the problem and offer the solutions to fix it?? Wake the fuck up people…..
    Ron Paul 2012

  • 7L your stupid Cain has dropped out of the race because he couldn’t keep his cane in his pants, but again you’re probably as stupid as he is since you’re not aware of it yet..

  • i am from quebec, n i beleave that americain ought to vote for ron paul,not only for your contries,
    but for all contries,russia,china, iran,north coréa,syria,cuba,what the world need right now is a really humble man,like ron paul,
    with the other candidate i fear that it will turn to nucléaire wars,judgment day

  • why isn’t this man already president in your country?

  • Ron Paul is my hero

  • Same here, write in if need be. He is my president. Ron Paul 2012

  • I’m 34 and I support Ron Paul..even if I have to write his name in myself!

  • Ron Paul or none …

  • Larry Simrell

    I don’t think that Iraq was about oil. I think it is something just as bad or worse. It seems that every country that doesn’t give in to the IMF and the international banking system, we end up going to war with. One at a time we are forcing the one world banking system onto the whole world. What was the first thing that we did after we invaded Iraq? Set up our banking system. Go figure. Happens every where we go.

  • its ron or nobody. I will write his name in if i have to. RP supporters ITS RON OR WRITE IN. I will not be responsible for the destruction and economic meltdown of our country by voting obama or the rest of the money bought out candidates- registered independent

  • I do not believe any of the candidates who “promise” to adopt Ron Paul’s policies. I only trust Ron Paul to do it.

  • I am from Portland, and I saw him speak in Freeport today. I was fortunate enough to shake his hand. This guy should be our president next year without a doubt.

  • End the welfare, warfare state!

  • more so most people his age would be more than content to say fuck the future of america…I’m moving to florida! But he doesnt, and that in of itself shows he’s fighting basedon something coming from his soul.

  • let’s give RON PAUL’s PEACE a chance,try change..i know its scary to people,but thing’s aren’t working…obviously!!!! So let’s try his way,if it doesn’t work..we can always go back to the failure of a system we have now… 16 trillion in debt,ya know..?

  • The neocons have taken over both parties now and the only thing standing in the way of their win-win plan is….us. Those lunatics will have us in WW3 without a penny in our pockets. Forget party lines, fuck the TeaOcons, fuck the socialists, and fuck all the bickering – we have to show the Govt who’s really the BOSS