Ron Paul Campaigns in Maine

  • RomneyNeoConOnSteroids

    Mittens Romney = WW3

    Newted Getrich = WW3

    Barry Soetoro = Financial Disaster, more wars in Africa and a broke 3rd world completely destroyed American Economy

    Ron Paul = No Tax, (No Drug War = way less crime), 10x stronger dollar, 10x cheaper living expenses, No more world police, freedom and prosperity for all.

    I know this is a tough choice for most Americans but if you turn off your television set for a few weeks you may get half a brain back in time to vote for Ron Paul!!

  • I have that same Ron Paul sign on my front yard.

  • I WILL be writing Ron Paul’s name on my ballot if he doesn’t make the nomination. How dare the media and special interest groups decide who our candidate is! Don’t piss in my ear and tell me it’s raining! We’re sick of your lies! PRESIDENT RON PAUL!!!

  • you can watch the whole talk in maine from my perspective, even going up on stage with him at watch?v=9JRIkQ2_VGg

  • Mitt and Newt Disliked the Video

  • Of course, free trade as it exists today is a fraud..

    Artificial scarsity.

    They all do it.

  • The Judge
  • Ron Paul will cancel NAFTA and GATT bringing home millions of jobs.

    If you’re unemployed, you need to vote for Ron Paul.

  • Please please Donate anything even if is a dollar. Ron Needs all of our help to get him in our White House, Please for the sake of the country get this man elected. Thank You.

  • if Ron Paul dont win in Maine then it is rigged

  • Our national motto needs to be:

    “If you don’t make it here, you don’t sell it here”

    When you hear politicians tell you that “protectionism doesn’t work” they’re absolutely right. It doesn’t work for the corporations that make their fortune depriving your children of a future.

    This is the #1 market in the world. We, the American People, can have it anyway we want. We just need to stop voting for scumbags like Obama, Bush, Clinton.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • 972 likes, 2 dislikes. Dayum.

  • 972 likes, 2 dislikes. Dayum.

  • looks like Youtube forgot to doctor the the view counter to 302

  • Chris

    Ron please come to L.A.

  • Why Ron Paul -1:59 is Why!

  • I’m not voting for anyone else but Dr Paul. President Dr Ron Paul is my President . End of discussion…

  • WashingtonPostMassManipulation

    Washington Post at it again ! They’re still publishing stories on “Ron Paul’s” supposed racist newsletters… Wasn’t all that debunked awhile ago? This is all the MSM got? I think it’s funny that whenever Ron does good they bring up the same old Bullshit again and again… The same article had a different title yesterday, it’s still there top article when you search Ron Paul today and it’s doing it’s job of misinforming the masses and drawing in the buzzards after those who are unsure on the issue. We need to do something about this to end it once and for all before they use this underhanded and tasteless tactic to discredit all our and our candidate’s hard work… I’ve donated alot of money to Dr. Paul and I’m not going to stand by and watch some criminal destroy all I have sacrificed for.

    There are plenty of videos on youtube debunking the Newsletters this very well may be the best. Enjoy.

    Washington Posts Puke Story:

    • Libertarian777

      never mind that, note that they never DIRECTLY accuse him of racism, they are just repeatedly trying to say he ‘authorised/reviewed/published’ racist comments.

      The reason they cannot directly attack him is because he is NOT racist and has the backing of various NAACP executives, there’s even a youtube video of a plethora of black people supporting him. NONE of his policies from the 1970’s, 80’s etc. have ever shown any racism. They try and pin his policy of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS as ‘racist’ because he doesn’t cater to any specific group (gays/blacks/hispanics/whatever)… for the simple reason that there are NO GROUP RIGHTS.

      We were founded as a constitutional republic, with INDIVIDUAL rights embodied in our constitution. Instead people will create groups and petition for specific rights. If we have ‘black’ rights, then are hispanics and asians excluded from those rights? If we have ‘gay’ rights, then do heterosexuals not have the same rights. As an individual a gay person has the SAME rights as a heterosexual person. As an individual person a black person has the same rights as a white person. The problem is the government has tried to group people into specific classifications and then restrict your rights according to which group you fall into. This was evident in South Africa in the apartheid years, and was evident in the USA during the civil rights era.

      Speaking out against portions of the civil rights act isn’t racist, its speaking out against government overreach.

  • He is SO cute.