Ron Paul: The High Cost of Education Is Caused by Government Interference

  • To Understand What Ron Paul Is Saying Watch Zeitgeist 2

    The 3 Parts Of Zeitgeist Are A Must Watch For Anyone

    Knowledge Is Power


  • this is a scumfaggot

  • Dr. Paul is the best presidential candidate to move this country forward.

  • Obama, I have an answer, It’s called free markets.

  • Ron Paul is alive and well. and even if he dies his idea is alive and thats what Ron Paul stands for the growth of an idea that cant be pushed aside by any government or army in the world. GodBless Ron Paul and his influence of true Freedom.

  • Rumors say Ron Paul just died

  • Rumors say Ron Paul just died

  • Create a video response or Post

    if u want controversial media u wont find in our western propoganda machine.. channeledknowledge:org

  • Create a video response or Post

    if u want controversial media u wont find in our western propoganda machine.. channeledknowledge:org

  • There is no use. The elections are just a rigged game.

  • Referring to Ireland

  • If the government receives that much money from tax payers, 90% of the cost of the tuition, then you don’t believe they have the means to blow smoke up your ass too?

  • Diebold 1-Minute Hack: The Only Way to Beat Ron Paul 2012

  • PEOPLE join me by getting off your couch and out of your computer chair by going out in your community and getting involved in phone banking and sharing the message about RON PAUL. We must take back this country…before its too late

  • We can’t just comment on videos to get him elected! Google how to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.

  • Did youtube take away the video statistics?

  • im a Ron Paul fan but here in Ireland university students pay $4000 per year, plus most working class students qualify for a gov grant cutting their cost to about $1000, the tax payer pays 90% of the actual cost, everyone benefits and everyone’s happy to contribute as we have fewer morons, less crime and fewer religious nuts.

  • Try a YouTube search for Ron Paul and compare his results against the competing candidates:
    Ron Paul………….1,450,000
    Barack Obama……483,000
    Mitt Romney………..60,200
    Newt Gingrich………48,300
    Rick Santorum………13,600
    Defy the media’s anti-Ron-Paul bias! Good job to all you brilliant YouTubers out there! Please feel free to update and re-posts these stats! 😀

  • This might interest you guys, basically the same issues as in the EU, its a short video by David McWilliams (Irish Economist) entitled “Punk Economics” which outlines the dangers of the policy being forced on us by The 5th Reich (Germany and France). I think its the first tim I’ve heard the term “Bankocracy”.

    EVERYONE in Europe should be forced to watch this.

  • I say we ALL show up to DC during election day and DEMAND that the Dr. operate!! We must help him rid the disease of evil and wars and greed and aggression and lies and constant scandals and just straight corrupt evil! WE MUST and the time is NOW!!