Ron Paul: The High Cost of Education Is Caused by Government Interference

  • Big fed gov forces colleges to raise tuitions to be able the get the fed loans. Remove leviathan from education and see costs go down. The police state and top down administration is not the way to get to a free society. Fabian socialism and its collectivism through gradualism has been exposed and its time we discard it in favor of classical liberalism, Libertarianism and anarcho capitalism.

  • Obama – what a joke! He wants to impose favoritism on universities now. As if we didn’t have enough favoritism in the economy already. Ron Paul 2012! As the GOP nominee, the libertarian nominee or a write in. No sense in voting for bankster backed criminals!


  • More dumb questioning. What a crock the msm has become. Who cares about what welch has to say. Focus on the issues. His sons support Paul. Wolf is trash. Pure garbage. I want to see the bicycle race. Ron Paul rocks. His records are pure and simple. No medical problems. Go get those delegates Doc.

  • w/o Ron Paul, GOP is losing my vote, because i refuse to vote for evil. i will write in Ron Paul

  • God bless Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!

  • they didnt ask about his 3rd party or racist newsletters

  • They are setting him up for a “soft kill” assassination. Its blatantly obvious.

  • 1 dude wants America to fail

  • The young Americans are raising a conditioned intellects ceiling through Ron Paul.

  • “I don’t take any medications.”

    Do people understand how much that sets Paul apart from most others his age?

  • I HATE the modern day press- they’re nothing but scavaging wolves.

  • we wont vote for anyone other than RP, no to Obama, no Romney, only Ron paul

  • i didn’t think newt has the balls to bust out with his crazy ass moon base idea’s but then again its is newt gingrich either way it made of a good laugh i slept well that night.

  • The spin: “Paul’s *1-page* medical record”
    “Paul difficult to win nomination”
    “Paul doesn’t know who has his medical records”
    “Paul: *good idea* to cut military”

    Notice where they put emphasis with quotes.

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  • The Obama fantasy.

  • he is 100% CORRECT!!!!!!!! Tuition is based on how much the educational system can get from the gov’t, for loans… it’s as easy as that.


  • The media is digging now!

  • I’m curious why they didn’t tell Paul the whole story behind Obama’s “education plan”. It gets worse then just spending money–as if that’s possible. He (Obama) plans to do anyway with FAFSA (grants), have students check a box on their tax returns so they sign up for community service in exchange for education aid. That is called indentured servitude and its unconstitutional–it violates the 13th amendment. Not only that, he plans to sign executive orders to do this–bypass Congress once again.