Ron Paul: The High Cost of Education Is Caused by Government Interference

  • Great interview – was that Jack Welch’s wife or Nurse? The race Ron Paul can win would be the 25mile bike ride.


  • <3 why can't people trust the only person who is to be trusted :(

  • obamas out!!!! only two already tainted republicans to go; romnet and gingrich!! RON PAUL 2012!!

  • Ron Paul has no clue at all. with corp tax rates at its lowest in history, and with tax loopholes codifiying into law there advantages in the free market there is no chance for a change in our $. WEALTH NEVER TRICKLES DOWN thats on old 19th century lie made to trick poor people into giving tax breaks for the the top 1% dont fall for it.

  • too bad voting fraud won’t let him win

  • Obama 2012. USA should pay equal taxes if a republican doesn’t want to support America and be involved why should America let a republican run it.

  • More than vote for Ron Paul,
    adopt the political and personal philosophy of Ron Paul.
    Ron Paul wins, he is with us for 4 to 8 years. Then retired to write thoughtful books and making speeches.

    Follow the philosophy of Ron Paul, and his influence goes with us for life, and it changes the country forever.

  • If we vote ron paul we wont be told what we can and cant do as long as were not violent, please vote for him restore america !!

  • Ron paul has no chance haha these are the people counted on rick perry,michelle bachmann or hermain cain ron paul gets more support from military and youth than any candidate think before talking

  • High cost of education is not caused by student loans.

  • I don’t want to see any of them in bicycle pants.. :/

  • Ron Paul has ZERO chance of winning this primary. He WILL run as an independent because he is a liar (He is NO Republican). He is a Bigot (it was shown conclusively in his papers). In my opinion he is a crazy person. I like some of the things he talks about just as even Hitler said SOME things that made sense like the Humane way to boil a Lobster is to plung it headfirst in to the water so it suffers the least. I know he was a Monster aside for liking Lobsters. Ron Paul is nuts and a bigot still

    • Fairdathm

      4QBud,Drive By comments serve know one but the frustrated ego.

  • Its a shame that 95% of the general public do not understand economics at all.

  • Ron Paul is awesome. He is very fiscally conservative, he knows what the hell he’s talking about, and he doesn’t believe in government interference in places where they don’t belong (cough,cough, Santorum, Romney). I only wish I was turning 18 before November. Ron Paul would get my vote!


  • That’s it, I’m donating my life savings and vote for Ron Paul.

  • the GOP hates our Dr. Paul.
    I plan on holding a grudge if they keep this up!

  • Too bad he wont win :/

  • Donate to the campaign at ronpaul2012 dotcom!

  • I’m voting for Ron Paul despite my family depending on Welfare. That’s how much I respect this man.