Ron Paul on CNN State of the Union

  • A man who believes helping the poor is a bad thing is hardly a prophet. The actual prophets had scathing things to say about greed.

  • POLLS say he can. Secret MEDIA lies about? 46 states = 98% of DELEGATE counts & only 2 running BALLOT QUALIFIED in all 46? = RON PAUL & MITT. He has always had a plan, Other 2 times he was not really running, He is NOT running for re-election. 2012 RP is 100% all in RUNNING! This is a delegate count race. NEWTS already finished. Put your money on the BIKE RACER from TX. VOTE YOUR CHOICE. if needed go to Election BD & register GOP to vote = Dr PAUL …pass this on


  • its a shame that no one is paying attention to this prophet

  • Y are all the ron paul videos from pauls campaign… Little bit of propaganda going on here….

  • WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE presidents ARE NOT in charge of a Country the banks are

  • Obama 2008 “Yes We Can (but we won’t, or didn’t)
    Paul 2012 “Yes We WILL”

  • There has been huge voter fraud, openly in Iowa. 7% in Florida? Yeah right.

    The voting has been fixed for a very very long time, and people need to face up to this fact, no matter how difficult it is.

    If they can shoot the President in plain view, do you really think they allow free elections?

  • funny how CNN ignored him for the longest time he can no longer be ignored.

  • Well if half of you Americans gave the guy a dollar, then he would have 150 million bucks to go all the way!! Ron Paul 2012 from Canada!!

  • Thank you Candy for a respectful interview.

  • All the other candidates are funded by the Rothschilds.

  • Americans you have a chance to change your country and the world for the better VOTE for RON PAUL, give him a chance, i know i would if i had a chance.

  • If Ron Paul is not elected, then I am afraid the wars will quite literally be brought to our doorstep.

  • I hate saying this, but if Ron Paul isn’t on that presidential ballot and if he’s not elected, I’m gonna step outside of the country for a little bit and get a breather. The country’s future doesn’t look bright for any of the possible presidents but I feel Ron Paul is the only one that’ll put the focus back into America. We’ve spread ourselves out way too thin. Too much war. Too much government. Too many bankers getting rich. A corrupt media. My country has left me with very few options.

  • WOW great composure Dr Paul, I was frustrated for him for those stupid ass questions she had the whole first part before break was pure nonsense

  • Is it just me or Does Candy look alot like Alister Crowley? Sorry to be off topic

  • I got it! Ron Paul drops out of the race, and in exchange for Mitt Romney’s support, Paul wants 1 Billion dollars. Then, in 4 years, we use thata money to campaign! With that amount of money, Paul is sure to win!

    • John

      What about vice versa. Romney drops out and Paul gets endorsed by him. Paul said he won’t run in 2016. This is our last chance

  • A real American man who has the gut to tell the truth about American’s dirty foreign policy which may soon destroy the entire world. Wars will never benifit any one so why United State of American has been fooled by Israelis?

  • The interviewer does not get it

  • I just want to say; I’m not American but man, if Ron Paul was running here in Australia, I would vote for him in a heartbeat compared to the shit we’re dished up. He sounds like the type of person that could actually make a change to the way things are going atm, in the US and the world..