Do We Need a Gold-Backed Ron Paul Dollar?

  • so, if dollar will be backed by gold, can you say I have gold in my pocket?

  • Of course gold is money, it’s the only ‘true’ money, but my hope for the world in the near future, and this will happen anyway, is that all this ‘monopoly’ money we use instead of gold will become obsolete, and once that happens, gold will be the only true form of currency. Hence all these government funded operations across the world for sending gold in for ‘cash’ Yeah, so they can take all the REAL money everyone has, and con everyone by replacing it with monopoly money. Fuck the system!

  • Can we put Ron Paul on the 15 dollar bill?


  • ron paul fans

    its on pdf online for FREE

  • If Ron’s elected and restores America. Ron Paul’s face should be on a dollar.

  • ron paul can’t do this alone. start gathering signatures to put ron paul on the ballot in your town

  • I find it hard to believe that the people who own space ships, armies, secret weapons, and who tax the shit out of us would ever give up power under any circumstances to the peon people who are scared to death of them. I just don’t see that ever happening. If Ron Paul wins, it’s because “they” want him to win and his win serves their purposes somehow. They’re not stupid.

  • Thumbs up if you think ONLY gold and silver are money.


  • Tim Geitner & Ben Bernanke don’t like this video!

  • How could any Sane person disagree with Ron Paul?

  • I’m choosing to watch this over porn.

    Just sayin …

  • We HAD a Ron Paul dollar! Bernard von NotHaus made a Ron Paul liberty dollar a few years ago, but the govt convicted him of “counterfitting” even though no one would confuse his copper and silver rounds with US Federal Reserve notes. He is now awaiting sentencing. The liberty dollar was a threat because it gained value instead of losing it, as the fed reserve notes do. FREE Bernard!

  • 2 dislike’s=lame

  • Only the sheeple will be to blame when the country goes down the tubes.

  • He’s too smart for most dumb Americans to understand what he’s saying

  • They should put John Maynard Keynes on the Gold Coin just to be funny.

  • The federal government isnt in the business of mining gold is the only problem I see without thinking to much about the subject…….

  • Control over the dollar or control over gold whats the darn difference.

    Ron they will price fix gold also.

    It’s a scam folks in order to keep you in line and take your labor so the powers that be can live high on the hog.