Do We Need a Gold-Backed Ron Paul Dollar?

  • a dollar was traditionally the Spanish silver dollar, and by that understanding it was a specific weight in silver. The idea of honest weights and measures is so important that it is even in the Bible.
    Ron Paul 2012


  • watch out for the bubble!!!

  • ron paul! he is are last chance

  • ron paul! he is are last chance


  • The guy talking over Ron Paul the whole time kinda bothers me.

  • PEOPLE join me by getting off your couch and out of your computer chair by going out in your community and getting involved in phone banking and sharing the message about RON PAUL. This is our fight, our cause, our future. We must take back this country…before its too late. Give something. Do something. Then repeat

    • John

      And rake in the DELEGATES. Delegates are what’s counted in the GOP race. Not votes. Isn’t that funny how the voting system has become twisted. Delegates shouldn’t exist. It should only be the number of votes!

  • Gold and silver currentcy would make the need for banks as they are now useless, because the value of gold and silver would go up more than the interest rate that the banks pay you to use your money.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Printing money out of thin air is not so bad for a Country..However, it’s the Banksters interest attached that is the inequity (Usury)..Government printing monies is OK !, but the privately owned FED printing money out of thin air and then adding interest (that has not been printed !?) is unlawful (Unconstitutional)….

  • There will always be manipulation that cannot be avoided but it can be significantly constrained if printing money becomes fraud again.

  • Gold can’t be created on a computer screen by bank or printed by a central bank behind our backs. That’s good enough for me.

  • Don’t forget the English Goldsmiths manipulated gold as well…people better be aware of this or the new elite will be those who hold most of the gold at the time we go back on a gold standard. History proves this….Money Changers can manipulate fiat and commodities just as well. If you force 100% of people to use gold and only 1% own it your going to have a huge problem. Who controls the quantity of money is a lot more important than what backs it.

  • if i were part of a century long plan to set in motion the ownership and control of this country, i would HATE ron paul. thats why i love him

  • Badass interview. Thank you Kudlow for doing this.

  • Help us OBGYN, you are our only hope!

  • After watching the WHOLE video I saw nothing of having gold completely replace the dollar. Just have dollars back by gold in order to prevent a huge amount of printing and spending. I see nothing wrong with that. Those who oppose Dr. Paul always amaze me with their twisting of his words and ideas.

  • Also I doubt anyone posting on the comments of this video have more economic and monetary knowledge than Dr. Paul. If you where are your videos from the past couple years speaking of the upcoming economy crash that DR PAUL predicted DECADES AGO!!!! So please take your bullshit economics class credits some place else. No one is blind. This man has been speaking like this for years.

  • It just occurred to me that, if Ron Paul is elected and turns this nation around, his face SHOULD be on the new currency. He deserves it after fighting so hard for us. He is clearly not in this for himself. If he was he would be like Rewitt Sangromnich. RON PAUL 2012

  • The only argument for a gold standard i see is the need of a self inflicted restriction of money expantion. imho the same way printing money is a artificial way of expanding money (does not necessarily corresponds to expantion of goods and services in the market) money backed by gold is also artificial. If someone (a country) finds zillions of moutains of gold it will be richer (like spain) but would have produced no goods nor services (that is

  • We better vote for this man. Period.