Do We Need a Gold-Backed Ron Paul Dollar?

  • John

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  • This is the one issue I don’t see eye-to-eye with Paul on. I don’t think we need a gold-backed dollar–the currency system we have now works, it’s how we’ve MANAGED that system that’s caused the problems. I’ve been listening to this video, and all RP wants is smarter spending and smarter money management. He thinks we need an entire revamping of our currency in order to make that happen–but I think it’s perfectly possible with our current system.

    But that’s just my opinion. I’m no economist.


    • Libertarian777

      Uhnn do some research, what is the definition of a dollar?

      It’s original meaning was a specific weight of silver (371 grains). It was then debased legislatively over time. Nowadays there is no legal definition of a dollar. Look at a silver certificate from 1957. It states it is redeemable for one dollar in silver (which is what a dollar is). Look at a federal reserve note today. Note how it looks exactly the same as a silver certificate? That’s because the federal reserve one is a counterfeit silver certificate. Note how the federal reserve does not state it is redeemable by anything.

      The whole point is that you cannot ‘manage’ money. Not via a central economic planner, be it the treasury or the fed. Money will manage itself through the free market. The prior fold standard was only a quasi gold standard because it still had a fixed gold silver exchange rate. It should be free floating, and a dollar defined as a specific weight and purity of gold or silver (but not both). Legalize competing currencies, let me choose to get paid in 300oz of silver a month instead of $10,000 fed notes.

  • He’s the one smart motherfucker in the elections….

  • John

    Dude don’t call him an old coot thats insulting! Why do you instill doubt that he can win?

  • Who in the world would ‘THUMBS DOWN’ this video?

  • John

    Do you mean we go to sleep while Rand does all of the work?

  • This guy is a joke.Good thing he isn’t being taken seriously.

  • This man’s a genius. I don’t see how people don’t see this.

    • Libertarian777

      When the insane run the asylum, the sane look nuts.

      Ron Paul is the only sane man in an asylum (congress) run by nuts

  • “strong this one is”!!

  • It’s become comical, really. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who has anything of substance to say when given an economic question. Keep it up, Dr. Paul, America needs you!

  • God, I wish Americans just had at least some basic knowledge of how economics works….It’s so frustrating dealing with these people who think we can just print unlimited amounts of money with nothing to back our currency with. I don’t understand how they can’t understand that.

  • Liberty

    Audit Fort Knox. I’ll bet that the guards are guarding nothing at all. Without gold backing our dollar, it’s worthless. Bernake just keeps priniting. Wait until hyperinflation occurs when the interest rate increases. It is now being held down until, after the elections. Everything will cost so much more. Food and gas prices will be extremely high. Your savings account, retirement and college savings, and investments will dramatically decrease in value.

    Our deficit has surpassed our GDP. The uneducated who rely only on the MSM will wake up one day. But, by then we will be at the point of no return.

    Vote For Ron Paul!!!

    • Libertarian777

      I’m sure the gold is physically there, I’m just not sure who can lay legal claim to it, no doubt it’s been rehypothecated a billion times over already

  • Anyone from Florida here to confirm this is possible?

  • When they show Ron Paul as 4th behind santorum with 10%.

  • I really don’t believe the poll results in Florida, when they show Ron

  • The answer is simple… We kill the bat man.

  • The irony of the picture at 0:06 is that it says “Federal Reserve Note” at the top.

  • It has worked for some, and in certain times, we need our own currency. They claim it’s illegal.

  • The answer is YES.

  • It is so cool to watch this old white man inspire an entire generation of Americans of all backgrounds. As evil as many of the actions of America’s founders were, noble was there promise. Dr. Paul is here to help us fulfill it and become that proverbial City on The Hill Republicans are quick to allude to!