Do We Need a Gold-Backed Ron Paul Dollar?

    Let’s pretend that YOU, Bernanke, Obama, and Romney are stranded on a desert island. Each of you has 10 gold coins making for a total of 40 gold coins which represent all the goods and services on the island (money supply). Now let’s say Bernanke is given the God-like ability to create paper money from DEBT (NOTHING) that has the same purchasing power as the gold coins and loan it out at interest. ……………..cont.

  • RPsupporterUK

    Hi all,

    I don’t want to seem over-dramatic and I’m still missing some key pieces to the jigsaw, but please take your time to view these. I have been studying this situations for a time and it’s very complex.

    Hopefully you can see what is happening, it’s not a coincidence, someone is trying to warn you.
    This first site has lots of article that seem to follow on, but the link is the tie-in one.

    Hopefully I’m completely wrong and just a crazy Ron Paul supporter.

    Then watch these

    Read this for food for thought.

    Truly Ron Paul might be your last hope, if it’s not too late.

  • there is a distinct possibility that the US Treasury has little or no gold left. bars that look and feel like gold are in fort knox, but the world do not know if they are gold covered tungsten bars or whom they belong too. there could be hundreds of billions of dollars of bogus gold bars buried on holes beyond bank walls on the planet. since the pleistocene money is ‘fiat’, face it. gold-backed rp dollar?. rip.

  • You guys also don’t understand that the gold standard means we have direct convertibility to gold. we can trade banknotes in for gold under a gold syandard . that is what keeps banks and govt in check with their phony loaning

  • People don’t seem to understand the concept of price deflation. If we have a gold standard prices will fall over time because the supply is growing slowly. People seem to think that we need inflation to keep the economy going. truth is inflation isn’t bad because it lowers purchasing power and raises prices. it is bad because money inflation leads to redistribution of wealth to early receivers and cheap credit causes recessions


  • There would also be less poverty in the world,because banks would not be able to print as much money as they want to lend at an interest.Banks would actually incourage people to save rather then spend which is what they do today. Also little interesting infact:The worlds top banks own 15% of all the gold that has ever existed in all of history.Makes you wonder why?Why are they holding on to this much gold?Simple answer,they know their paper money can’t last forever. mrkts wnt let it

  • Ron Paul is the best candidate because if he is elected it will create the massive revolt and violence necessary to establish a proper communist state.

  • No matter what’s in your mine, you are digging for gold.

  • and Silver! It is the trust and the art on the coin which distinguishes good ethical AAA gold instead of just gold from child labor! . The Un-conterfitable gold and other metals secured by Secured Art! Why not have rare substances with non repeatable uniquely grained art. Like the Tally Stick to get gold?

  • but how much gold is left?, seriously im not a chemist but isnt there a limited supply of gold to back a currency, especially if other countries adopt the idea.

  • I want ron paul dollars 😉

  • I like RP and if the gold standard is the law (by the american constitution) ok, but the role of gold is to stay locked in a room. Actually it doesnt need to be there. The only thing needed is that people believe it is there. Money was never backed by gold or govenrment’s IOUs. Money is backed by goods and services in the market. If you take value from the market you must deliver value to the market. Its a score system, you can keep the score on tally sticks, gold coins, IOU’s, digital bits…

  • Americans are hopeless morons and blind as FUCKED… Americans deserved what they get by voting those chicken hawk, flip-flopping, and lying politicians.

  • if you understood history, you’d realize that gold has never “served the people” as money. gold has always been the metal of the Kings for soldiers and slaves — the fact that the Fed manages money poorly doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be done right; a state, well-rationed and democratic currency could serve the people far better. It’s so sad RP doesn’t get it.

    • You have to back your currency with something. You could back it with pork chops but there are just to many pork chops around. I will try and explain this to you. When your currency is backed by nothing then this gives the politicians full access to spending which gets out of hand. Now gold is rare and when you back your money with gold the politicians can not spend more money than there is gold held in reserve to back up that money. In other words you can not just print money if the gold is not there to back it up. Our dollar is only worth the paper it is printed on. That is a bad deal all the way around. This is why we now sit at 16 trillion in debt. There are no governors on spending. It is running wide open and will soon blow. You can not run an engine at 10,000 rpm’s and expect it to last for ever. You have to have governors on that engine or it will self destruct. Does that make any sense. Just trying to explain it to where you can understand it.

  • The Andrew Jackson of our time. Ron Paul 2012.

  • At least gold is tangible and real and has a finite supply where as the current system now is imaginative and made up based on how much money is already circulation with interest rates decided by the the guys on top so they can be in complete control of a country

  • Gold is to paper what women are to Penthouse magazines. You paper loving jerkoffs can enjoy your magazine, I’ll stick to the real thing.

  • The “Federal” Reserve was set-up by international Zionist banksters, headed by the Rothschilds. It is at the root of the lack of democracy in the USA today.
    It was Mayer Amschel Rothschild who stated:
    “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”
    Vote Ron Paul to end the Zionist controlled “Federal” reserve system.
    Free America from AIPAC & from all the Israel-Firsters
    No more wars for Israel !
    No more American blood & treasure for Israel !
    VOTE Ron Paul 2012

  • Ryan

    Drudge has a poll going on right now. Dr. Paul is in the number 2 slot, lets get him to number one. Spread the word!

  • I have heard people say, Ron Paul is horrible on foriegn Policy
    Pulling all troops out of foriegn countries, ending foreign aid, opening trade and halting of all wars, and following the golden rule. Yeah that sounds like an awful foreign Policy. He wont win because he doesn’t apply to idiots. Rand Paul will win in 2016 if Ron Paul doesn’t