Ron Paul: Cut Spending Overseas! Don’t Punish Innocent People at Home

  • … dip? lol your so optimistic

  • … dip? lol your so optimistic

  • How about his son Rand Paul or maybe even Gary Johnson who gets blacked out worse than Paul. Ventura would be a good choice but many people would not agree and Ventura might hurt Dr.Paul’s credibility.

  • I agree. Jesse is in the dark in many cases. Particularly regarding law.

  • Ron Paul is the best candidate because if he is elected it will create the massive revolt and violence necessary to establish a proper communist state.


  • Some people have suggested Nader, Frank, or Kucinich for his running mate, but I honestly believe that former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura would be a GREAT choice for Ron Paul’s running mate.

  • haha, after I finished voting, as I walked out of this clearly Romney-Infested voting area, I said “have a good day everyone, and remember, a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for freedom and the constitution, but Mitt Romney is a fucking lying fascist.”
    They looked at me as if I had just said 9/11 happened because Australians are frogs.

  • As Ron rises in the polls, my financial advisers tell me that investing in the dollar is wise. They don’t care who wins. They care about making money. Simply, if Ron wins, the US Dollar wins. If he doesn’t, I am advised to invest everywhere but here. Revealing.

  • If Ron Paul doesn’t win, PLEASE invest in gold! the economy will take another dip in a few years, and inflation will eat up your dollar!

  • its okay buddy…. 🙂 Me too.. me too. I’m no where near forty but I’d take a bullet for the Doctah as well.

  • Ron, once again…. you’ve successfully given me a boner.

  • I am 54 and voted for Bush, Man did I make a mistake! Ron Paul woke me up, he is one of a kind. I believe in his message and after this election I am changing to a independent. I believe 90% of the congress is on the take and can’t be trusted, the more I search for truth the more I do not trust our government nor the media! The media is down right evil and owned by the wealthy with a agenda, but I trust this Man, It is imperative that this man be made President or we will be doomed!

  • Ron Paul likes Jesse, and they agree on many things, but Ventura is NOT very liberty conscious.

    He’s the kind of guy that hates TSA searches and just wants certain people to get a pass, like himself, government officials, and good little bootlickers, but he won’t defend all of us. (like Ron Paul).

  • I’m tired of them spinning Ron Paul into a “youth movement”. I’m damn near 40, and would take a bullet for that man.

  • ..America thanks you!