Ron Paul: Newt Gingrich Was Part of the Problem

  • Palin is a dumb whore and Ron Paul is a senile old quack. Hang it the fuck up The Tea Party is OVER! YOU LOSE!


  • Ron Paul is the only one out of the republican candidates that can take on Darth Obama. He will use his same old Oratory skills, which will wow and inspire the crowd, and he will take a few cheap shots, but in his usual slick way. Gingrich and Romney would fold under the pressure.
    Ron Paul has the knowledge to take even Obama to school in front of the nation. If you’re Republican, he’s you’re best chance to win against Obama, and not sacrifice your integrity.

  • Palin looked psychotic.

  • Ron Paul NO ONE ELSE!!!! If we dont get our country back…There Will Be War!!

  • New poll out today, Gingrich loses by 12 points, check out all the polls, Paul polls strong, Newt does NOT!! Newt is not on the ballot in 3 states, a vote for Newt is a waste.

  • Ron and Carol Paul 55th Wedding Anniversary Money Bomb February 1, 2012

  • I disagree with you emphatically Mr. Paul. Newt WAS part of the problem? You are so wrong, NEWT STILL IS PART OF THE PROBLEM!!! Was makes it sound like he stopped being a lobbyist lackey douche bag at some point.

  • time to fight for what we believe in

  • It’s pretty sad that Freedom Watch is one of the very few shows that brings in Dr. Paul. This is what whoever is running this RonPaul2008dotcom channel can find. Oh, fucking media…

  • sooo many ron paul supporters on youtube, why isn’t he first in the polls?

    • Rob

      Because those Youtube supporters are mostly non-Americans. I spoke to some Americans and they think he’s a looney who ran, tried and failed way too many times. I personally would vote Paul if I was a citizen, but I guess CNN and Fox does a great job keeping this man looking like a not so serious contender.

  • im gonna have to attack a group that I respect,my elders that are over 50,I guess when ppl get older,over 50,they just dont have the will to fight,certainly not like they dead in thier 20s and 30s,Im in my 30s and am more fierce than ever,Im talking my parents ages 55 plus,They believe the O’reillys ,THE Goddamn hannitys.the fucked up limbaughs,I loathe those cant change them,its up to us that are under 50,to make real change,the future is ours not thiers,we are relevant,they arent

  • Thank god for Ron Paul, even if he doesn’t win, his influence is powerful enough! This movement wont end!

  • who was that crazy looking lady at the beginning?

  • every time i see Dr.paul im inspired that their may be hope for american sovirgnty yet.

  • I love you Ron Paul <3

  • Go Ron!

  • Ron Paul the champion of the Constitution and the only doctor and veteran in the GOP that will give you Freedom and liberty that you deserve! 2012

  • go vote…. get RON PAUL elected.

  • Tell Sara Palin that she made a MAJOR MISTAKE because the ONLY ONE THAT CAN BEAT OBAMA IS RON PAUL. Obama will make MINCED MEAT of both MITT and NEWT

  • Ron Against the Machine