Ron Paul at Colorado State University

  • Ron Paul is going to restore America!!


  • All the youtube comments, thumbs up, and viral videos in the world is not going to get him elected! We need him to win the primary. Please google how to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries!!!

  • When asked what his greatest accomplishment had been during his two terms as President, Andrew Jackson replied “I killed the Bank.” He was talking about the “Second Bank of the United States”

  • if JFK was alive today, he’d vote for Ron Paul

  • We should get this quote to Ron. It will help him out.
    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. by Benjamin Franklin

  • Rick Santorum watched this video….explains the one dislike.

  • Rick Santorum watched this video….explains the one dislike.

  • Ron Paul!! 5th President to have his face carved into Mt. Rushmore!!

  • I have just been challed to get 100 likes for RON PAUL.

  • LindaG

    Dr. Paul, thank you so much for coming to our part of the world! I hope you will consider a longer stay next time.

  • “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    -Benjamin Franklin

  • wake up america!!!!! VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!!!

  • America has no room to talk about how to run a country and nation build.

  • Lets hope the young can educate the conditioned elders

  • Paul’s currently at a 7.8% chance of winning Colorado according to the bettors at Intrade.

  • When the country implodes, it will be too late to say “I should have voted for Ron Paul”. Americans, there is only one real choice you have and it’s Ron Paul.

  • We need a Limited Tax Amendment! NOW! Taxes keep coming to the corrupt politicians so if we limit taxes in an amendment then we won’t need to worry to much about other administrations trying to tax us. A flat tax amendment will help solve this.

  • Ron Paul is a man to trust. Come on America : wake up and vote for Ron Paul.

  • ko Hlawin

    Long live my Messiah Paul.
    I just threw away my political science degree and took the red pill. Now, I see everything the way they are crystal-clearly.
    From now on, I’ll carry his flag with his spirit until death. I think it’s worth it.
    Don’t you think?
    By the way, I am an Asian man, and 55 years old.

    Long live Dr. Paul