Ron Paul Campaigns in Colorado

  • America lets really look at who is the best somebody who is funded by big corperations or by the people somebody who wants to help this country we really dont need another obama we really need Ron Paul for president


  • nice entrance music

  • He should run third party, beat the GOP nominee with the combined votes of independents, democrats and republicans, and then beat Obama.

  • Lovers of Freedom, Liberty and Justice support this video. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Lovers of Freedom, Liberty and Justice support this video. Ron Paul 2012.

  • I see a “Don’t tread on me” flag wavin’ EPIC WIN


  • Common Colorado! I’ll let go that I hate the Broncos just this once.

  • Why can’t I ever find a Romney supporter other than the media on tv.

  • why are the paulits so willing to give up their frail body for ron paul’s cum shooter

    • JKrieger1965

      Your a filthy degenerate swine.

      You obviously have alot of growing up to do if your at all capable of it.

  • You can not tell me Florida does not have 120000 Libritarians, not to menchen Ron Paul supporters. America has just witnessed the biggest voter fraud to ever take place. So many people did not even no they were registered to vote. If this is not evidence in Florida than [people are just being apathetic and ignoring it. It is not the dead people voting, or sick in hospital. It is people Romney has registered that have a pattern of not voting. Thousands of votes cast in other peoples names.

  • Fraudsters will be caught and persecuted.

  • I’m from Florida and we let you down. Please Denver don’t make the same mistake as we did. RON PAUL 2012

  • Arrogant people? or Ignorant? xD

  • They can’t deny a civil war, if they keep up their poisoning our water/food and creating a police state.

  • santorum is stupid

  • Yeah, colorado has alot of libertarians.

  • please ron u gotta win

  • ‘…Lack the conviction that’s necessary to do what’s necessary?’ Santorum needs to get a letter of remand from the dept. of redundancy dept.

  • kcal 9 just put newt gingrichs name over RON PAULS picture, 7 percent in florida…. BS

  • Ron paul 2012! Fight the media blackout!