Ron Paul Campaigns in Colorado

  • Ron Paul’s grandaughter is lookin pretty fine…


  • how could he lose he must have so much energy from all his supporters theres no stoping him now

  • Not in 100 have America beem more divided are you ready for the upcoming events

  • RON PAUL for president!

  • I live in Pueblo. (don’t laugh) We need a Ron Paul speech here so folks down in theses parts actually get to Listen to what Dr. Paul has to say and not what the latino dems publish in the cheiftain, or broadcast on television. Folks here are pro Obama due to the lack of coverage of what Dr. Ron Paul actually believes in.

  • really love the enthusiasm.

  • Silly to bring babies and infants to such events, not only are they sensitive to the noise but the grown-ups are sensitive to theirs so they should be kept at the back.

  • Florida – A state full old old morons who will soon be killed by Obamney!

  • Those voting for Romney, Gingrich or Santorum are irredeemable idiots.

  • Yeah dude that was a fail.

  • Yeah dude that was a fail.

  • I fucking HATE Rick Santorum. He ignores Dr. Paul even in the debates. My happiest day is when Santorum gives the speech that hes leaving the race. Just his disrespect for Dr. Paul enrages me enough to never EVER vote for this idiot. Dr. Ron Paul 2012…Dr. Rand Paul 2020…a dynasty Of the people FOR the people!

  • Everyone visit their grandparents and aunts and uncles, we need their votes too!!!

    RON PAUL 2012!!

  • The only way to win is to go door to door to the older folks who dont use the net for politics and instead watch MSM

  • Full speech here:

  • Oh man they’ve gotta get Ron Paul better music than Chumbawumba.

  • If Ron Paul doesn’t get elected there WILL be a revolution. There are so many people waking up.

  • WillardRomneyBarrySoetoroNewtGetrichPrickSantorum

    Anyone can see that once we became Big Government and the FED took over that we where infiltrated and taken over by an unknown occupier. Who they are? I don’t know… We know what they want though, they don’t want us to be free, they don’t want us to have a Constitution, they want us to be their expendable resources for whatever project they come up with.

    If we where to go to war and it became Nuclear, who would be responsible? Don’t blame the countries involved, blame OUR LEADERS.

    What would happen to us and where would WE go in the event of Nuclear Warfare? Where would Our Leaders go and what would become of them?

    They would be safe, we would suffer and die, all would be their doing. Barry Soetoero, Gingrich, Romney or Santorum would be taken away to some underground mansion like Hitler and treated like a king, waited on hand and foot while we all dies and burned and suffered above ground… We wouldn’t be allowed to go with them to safety, not any of us… Just the inner circle of those who caused the events of what led up to our demise…

    Wake up, this is real. This can happen to you so don’t think it can’t. Defend yourself, protect your people, and your families.

    If you can’t even do this then you get what you deserve.

  • Who those girls behind Mrs. Paul?

  • The revoltion got here before I did.:)