Ron Paul Campaigns in Colorado

  • Romney is related to Bush and Obama. watch?v=cwiJd2ZMAGY The Serpent Seed! ONLY Ron Paul for President!


  • Romney is related to Bush and Obama. watch?v=cwiJd2ZMAGY The Serpent Seed! ONLY Ron Paul for President!

  • Santorum: “You have a chance right here, in Colorado, to elect a disgusting bigot like me to office. I promise I’ll get the government more involved in your bedroom, we’ll listen to more of your phone calls, and be sure to read every one of your emails.”

  • Ron paul Florida 2012!!

  • Revolution !!!!

  • I just lost all hope for Colorado. I don’t think Ron Paul stands a chance their. Colorado is a very strong pro-Romney state. In 2008 Romney got 60% of the vote. 🙁

  • 0:29-0:33 vs. 1:05-1:18. That’s all you need to know. Liberty is the future of this country!

  • that is how you make an entrance!

  • The Peoples Choice. REMEMBER
    Huey Long (1893-1935) was Louisiana’s legendary populist Governor, U.S. Senator& favorite son.Poised to run for president on his “Share Our Wealth” platform, Long was assassinated in 1935 at age of 42.
    Long was revered by the masses as a champion of the common man & demonized by the powerful as a dangerous demagogue.

    “My voice will be the same as it has been. Patronage will not change it.
    Fear will not change it. Persecution will not change it. ”

    hueylong. com

  • Awesome! For those who thinks that Ron Paul’ supporter will go away & persuade them that it is a lost cause? It’s like climbing Mt. Everest!


  • lol ofcoarse he didn’t mention Ron Paul. because Ron Paul has nothing to go after him about. he isn’t like the other phonys

  • Listening to that douche santorum talk, it sounds like he is doing a pitch for Ron Paul. Ron is the only one who meets the criteria he talks about.


  • COLORADO!!!!! come on!!!!!! make sure your vote gets counted, dont let them get away with picking our next president, the WHOLE world wants Ron Paul, please help make it happen, its gonna be hell in a hand basket without Ron Paul

  • We get knocked down…But we get up again, your never gonna keep us down!!!!!!
    Ron Paul for peace…Ron Paul for love…..Ron Paul for understanding……

  • They should play “I am a real american” when he walks to the stage

  • No candidate can attack Paul because hes not a fuck up like everyone else running.

  • I was there. It was a great time!