Ron Paul after Florida Primary: I’m the Only Candidate Who Wants to Cut Spending

  • I’m not going to help a homeless person who makes bad investments.

  • I hate this jewish chanel CNN

  • The majority of voters and residents in Florida are idiots,they are all sheep,and band wagoners. Most of them vote based on looks of the candidates,race,or if a friend or relatives favors a candidate they will vote for that favored blindly.I’m Black Americano,I’m Republican,and I will write in Ron Paul’s name come November elections.USA es numero uno.


  • wow good rebuttal and what is it with you and kids??seriously its really creepy.And who the fuck said I was 33?reading comprehension is not one of your strong suits is it?

  • theres no way youre 33. i seriously thought u were a kid…

  • LOL yup mind controlled. is that what all you paranoid morons parrot? dip shit no I don’t think the world will end in 2012 i don’t think a fucking thing will happen,other than you retards will be left making up excuse after excuse as to why nothing happened.Then you change the date and go on with your delusion.Just like that camping idiot.its what you end of the world pin heads always do.this is where you say”drink the kool aid”or some other slogan from the tin hat manifesto

  • your so ignorant, you didnt even take the time to even know what the 2012 thing is about. you are so mind controlled buddy. peace

  • you really are a dumb fuck. you rhink the world is gonna end in 2012, your one of those people that fears for the worst. goodluck to you in your life. you probably think the 2012 prophecy is gonna happen right at 12:00am onDecember 21st 2012. you truly are an idiot, sorry to be so rude, but anybody as ignorant and closed minded as you are.Now be a good slave, pay your taxes and make sure you don’ step out of line loser. i can tell ur upset bc you keep messaging me lol

  • what kind of drugs do you have to take to think any of your bullshit makes any sense.Can’t wait to see all you 2012 dipshits in 2013.

  • I didnt know the Egyptian calendar ends also. Wow. I guess I wont be using their calendar to keep my oppointments. Suppose I have an appointment in 2151? What then? Didnt the people that devised the calendar think of that?! haha I guess they figure they’d be dead so who cares! 😉

  • this has nothing to do with RON PAUL, or whoever will be president next. the people will see the changes without government, politicians and religion.

  • yea but the Egyptian calender is much more complex than the Mayan’s. There’s goes past like the year 2150. And all this means when it ends is, a new beginning, most civilizations have the same calender, and they all speak of the same thing; a golden age, where the earth is in a way re-born, and supposedly so does the human race on this planet, and we are aware of how the people that run this planet, have been actually trying to fuck us this whole time

  • Does Snoop Dogg know that Ron Paul thinks discrimination against Snoop Dogg should be legal?

  • The fact that the Mayan calendar ends is a clear indication that its flawed, right? I mean how can someone keep accurate track of time on a calendar that runs out! duh! LOL