Ron Paul after Florida Primary: I’m the Only Candidate Who Wants to Cut Spending

  • Notice Wolf’s dig comment at the end…very sly….he said something like even if you don’t win…wow….propaganda at it’s best. keep the Americans brainwashed… good propaganda Wolfe CNN

  • I am shocked everyday how many Americans are so brainwashed and don’t want to vote for Ron Paul. wow.!!!!!


  • Ron Paul on Piers Morgan tonight at 9!

  • Ron Paul is then man. He has the best political ideals ive seen in a long time. Liberalists know how to fix our country. Santorum is a douche, as well as Gingrich and Romney. Ron Paul is here for everyone of america not just the rich. Make the right choice and vote for Ron Paul if you want to see a better future for not just some, but for everybody within this deteriorating nation

  • Ron your to late. Israel is going to attack Iran shorlty. I’m sorry talk is cheap at this point. You should of been President 3 years ago maybe things would of been different

  • The UK are right with you guys. Come on America! VOTE RON PAUL!!!XXX

  • Hope he wins Nevada this Sat. Won’t win in my state though..

  • Gilbert

    I’m convinced Ron Paul is losing only because we’ve become a “convenient” population. Everyone likes a quick answer that’s tailored to their liking. In the age of information and gadgets, alot of people “don’t have the time” to listen to you know……elaborated facts. It’s scary to think people will ignore Ron Paul and dismiss him when he answers a question in the greatest detail possible in such a short time, even then, when he’s provided the opportunity to speak at a debate. So, I think he’s made out to be the “annoying” guy cause he just “rambles” when he speaks and that’s unfortunate. I love listening to Ron Paul speak and wish I could speak with him personally and I’d just introduce myself and let him do all the educating. Maybe this makes sense or not but I feel it’s the root of why Ron Paul isn’t winning, but as long as he’s in it, I refuse to lose hope. Ron Paul 2012

  • The economy is bound to collapse not because of government type or economy, its because the human race only destroy’s and makes things easier to obtain, that is practically killing our planet. besides radical future blah blah theories, if ron paul really stole my interest it would be because of a claim to make big banks on wall street harder to get money. even if that mattered because american voted don’t mean shit either way only the universities vote or so they claim cut the capitalistic greed

  • I’m a Canadian. And I want to temporarily become a US citizen so I can vote for Ron Paul.

  • good on you guys for doing that.

  • good on you guys for doing that.

  • WTF is wrong with Florida? Their votes where purchased.

  • as a Democrat, I don’t understand why people do not like this man. If Obama were to lose, I actually wouldn’t feel half bad if Ron Paul were to take over. A lot of people here in Michigan like him. What is it about Gingrich and Romney that people like? I’d actually feel kind of sick if one of those two were to make it in. Again, I’m not trying to be smart. I just need a better understanding. How the heck did he get 7%??

  • Don’t just blame Floridians…blame Citizens United, and the insanity of Romney’s ads which showered the state for 3 weeks of lies and false bravado. The amount of money being spent in Romney advertising is outpacing all the other candidates and it’s not even close…

  • Florida is an ignorant scum of a state.. I hope they get nuked.

  • Oke

    I feel so helpless watching from the sidelines 🙁
    (Not from the US)

  • “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”- Gandhi

  • Romney for Giant Douche 2012!

  • : When Ron Paul receives office, I will send money to the government periodically–taxes won’t be an issue.