Ron Paul after Florida Primary: I’m the Only Candidate Who Wants to Cut Spending

  • Ron Paul’s as much a puppet as the next candidate. He’s beeen carefully groomed over the years to woo the still asleep populace into a different shroud of confidence so the PTB can re-shuffle the cards and continue on with the longest running (as least as far back as ancient Rome) mind-fuck scam in human history. He just reconfigures the word-play making it easier to lap up and swallow for the average global consumer-slave populace. Just a little bit of sugar lets the medicine go down.


  • I love Ron Paul!!!

  • Why won’t the Republicans nominate Ron Paul?
    Because WE DON’T VOTE.

    Romney got 48% of the delegates in Nevada.
    Less than 30,000 votes were counted.

    Don’t just do lip service. Talk is not enough.

  • If the Republicans don’t wise-up and nominate Dr.Paul, the deliver the presidency to Obama. It is really just that simple. Ron Paul appeals to a much broader base than any other candidate and will take support away from the current liar in chief, and bring some integrity to the White House.

  • 3rd in Nevada lol. Is it rigged or are Americans blind?

  • Romney is selling “snake oil” and a lot of Americans are buying it. I’m for Dr. Ron Paul 2012.

  • New Anonymous message (SPREAD IT) /watch?v=PBSt74X8xTg

  • If this guy doesn’t win then America is full of idiots

  • Ron Paul is the modern-day version of Gideon.

  • I think Ron Paul would gain more support if he talked about selling federal assets and federal lands!

  • Godbless you mr. Paul I you have my vote 🙂

  • If his name isn’t on the ballot, write it in.


    RON PAUL OR NOBODY. Vote up if you agree.

  • Ron Paul is the onlly one who makes sense.

    Who was it that told us our only real choices were Gingrich or Romney?

    Give me a fucking break! Romney, the plastic man barbie Ken politico millionaire or the former speaker slimey politico manipulator Gingrich? This country is fucked in the ass with nonstop bleeding if either one is elected. Ron Paul, I support you with all I have, God save us.

  • Good grief, he’s more positive than I am, and I’m KNOWN as MR. POSITIVE. He’s basically already WON. ;])

  • Let’s concede, hypothetically, that Paul wins Minnesota, Nevada, Colorado, and Maine…he’d still LOSE to romney, or at least Gingrich…or even Santorum, for chrissake…HE IS GOING TO LOSE!

  • Why Romney is winning?? I don’t get ppl sometimes…

  • Ron Paul has my vote regardless of who the media thinks to be “winning”

  • Those who follow Ron Paul’s advice and learn our Constitution will find themselves on the ground floor of a new American experience. It’s quite a document.

  • The only politician that makes sense, yet romney is leading, WHY!!??