Ron Paul’s Speech after Florida Primary: ‘We’ve Only Gotten Started’

  • it’s just so sad that the one guy with no ulterior motives except for helping make America a better place for future generations only gets 7% of the votes in Florida. These old farts must not give a shit about anyone but themselves and their few remaining years. BOO.

  • I was there tonight.
    It was so wonderful to see all of those people so enthusiastic.
    It was beautiful.
    And I was so excited to be in the same room as him.

  • The only candidate who CAMPAIGNS FOR LIBERTY!!!

  • romey 84 % of the votes?
    that is such bull.
    84% of Florida has a combined IQ is 84 apparently.
    that or voter fraud.

  • i just realized the 15 million romney spent to win florida, we, the taxpayers get to pay that back through new bills (laws) if romney takes wins the presidency. got to love democracy. NOT

  • nothing will stop me from believing in this man.i am from vancouver canada and i support Ron Paul all the way.not only is he good for america,but canada too and the rest of the world.three cheers for the first human i have seen in politics ever!

  • Dont Change YOUR FOREIGN POLICY RON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S WHY WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • be a brushfire of freedoom… go vote for Ron Paul.

  • at 5:39 it says Ron comes in 4th but on the chart it has him 3rd… is that the delegates or is something wrong with that?

  • 7% for Paul are you fucking kidding me? WTF?? WTF is all I can think of to say. Dam America you scary.

  • Soon, you’ll be seeing a lot of older people in those crowds. I’m already seeing this happen just over the last few months….and… they are *growing* larger and larger in size.. No one can deny that fact.

  • The absolute best.

  • Here’s more proof of fraud. If the other 3 candidates have speeches in public that doesn’t even come close to the sheer numbers and intensity RP has, why are results the way they are. Even statistically speaking, the people who show up at after-events spread among those who vote and leave doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t the other candidates crowds be closer to greater proportions? But they really aren’t.

  • Americans voting against their own best interest??!!! Just don’t get it.

  • President Paul!!!

  • lol Paul supporters are so fuckin crazy. The election isn’t rigged you fuckin morons! Wake the fuck up! Paul is UNELECTABLE! He’s finished! Done! SCUM! Be good citizens and support your President, Obama 2012!

    • JKrieger1965

      Are you scared or something? You must be, because all I see from you are insults and degenerate behavior aimed at Dr. Paul and his diligent supporters and staff in every one of your dozen posts.

      What is wrong with you?

      Are you psychotic?

      How old are you?

      Are you on drugs?

  • lol I don’t know why there’s even a question whether the polls are fixed or not. It’s a question of whether you are willing to do anything about it or not.

  • Nailed it!!!!!!

    Spread this everywhere!!

    Spread the message they don’t want us all to hear!

    Spread the message they don’t want us to have true freedom!

  • Let the man speak!!