Ron Paul’s Speech after Florida Primary: ‘We’ve Only Gotten Started’

  • RON PAUL gets most of the loyal troops support. TAKE THAT you trolls


  • yay lets legalize all drugs, thats very normal!!!

  • Something people need to understand is, that America and the World for that matter, IS changing! Ron Paul is the only one who wants the people to benefit, from this change, ALL the other candidates including Obama want the corporations and there Wall Street buddies to benefit from that change. The rest of the world looks at America with content and deep hatred, because were putting our nose where it DOSE NOT BELONG! We need to worry about ourselves! Ron Paul for Liberty, Ron Paul for Peace, 2012

  • Florida sucks, at least I got to vote for Ron Paul here.

  • WE LOVE RON !!!!!!

  • g lawrence

    4th what on earth are americans thinking? is this vote rigged again?

  • Hot chica behind Dr. Paul.

  • Greetings from Poland 🙂

  • Imagine this: Scene- CNN Republican Presidential Debate. Many ppl in the audience. Many ppl in front of TV.One of the women in the audience is pregnant (about 7 month). Suddenly she is feeling like she is about to give birth. Now! WE NEED A DOCTOR! Ron Paul (as he is a physician) is jumping of the scene and running straight to her. After tough fight with delivery hardships he DOES IT! He managed to deliver the baby. And all of this in front of cameras and audience. Then he becames the President

  • somethings wrong when people prefer banker scum to a real real change,

  • Great speech here, I can’t really understand how peoples minds are not 100% made up.

  • Don’t miss this opportunity America, this opportunity comes once every blue moon. Elect Romney and you will be sending America down the shits.

    Romney = Believes USA should stop all aid to the country in the middle east called Turkey
    Truth: Turkey is in Europe/Asia and Turkey does not get any aid from the USA (Also Turkey has been a major US ally when Romney was 2 years old)

    He’s just another Sarah Palin in a mans halloween customes.

  • You gotta love Ron Paul….You can comment on his videos here on youtube unlike Mitt Romney.Obviously Mitt needs not hear comments.Mitt cares not what people think because he will do your thinking for you like his corporate media comrades do for all his supporters.

  • Are all Rednecks stupid? Why the fuck would you vote for Romney??? And Gingrich is Satan. Dumb fucks. This will wake you up: Mitt Romney is related to Bush and Obama watch?v=cwiJd2ZMAGY

  • im distracted by the hot chick in the background

  • I’m here jumping and shouting Ron Paul and I’m not even American, what the Hell is wrong with Floridians ! you’re telling me all it takes to win is to have your name mentioned on tv the most; without even saying what the hell you’re gonna do -__-

  • Google ‘PFMPE”

  • I love to see this much support!

  • How can Americans ignore the message of liberty, freedom and a balanced budget? Ron Paul is an inspiration to the youth of the country and change will come. Reminds me of the sixties. I’m a 53 yr old Canadian and I love his message. What a breath of fresh air! Can we have him here up north please!!

  • i liked that speech