Ron Paul’s Speech after Florida Primary: ‘We’ve Only Gotten Started’

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  • I wish this nasty little man would just leave the race. 7% and 0 delegates. That says it all!

  • save the world !!!!

    vote for Ron Paul.


  • Nate
  • We’ve got about a decade tops before our empire comes crashing down if Dr. Paul doesnt get elected.

    • VonSturmgeist

      We’d better keep diligent whether Dr. Paul wins or not, or we might as well be selling ourselves, each other, and our loved ones for generations to these “freaks” who occupy the current Unconstitutional and Inhumane establishment.

  • We are every where and we will not go away Ron Paul is our knight and we are his sword!

  • Less War, lower oil prices, the better the economy will get.

  • Well you have to click my name to see it but it’s worth it!!

  • Love Ron Paul!! Made this video 🙂 Hope you guys will watch it and get a laugh 🙂

  • If Mitt, Gingrich or Santorum get in the White House, the economy will certainly go down.

  • Ron Paul will.

  • He’ll do well in Nevada.

    • Liberty

      I’m very suspicious of billion air Mr. Adelson who has already given 11 million to Gingrich. He also, unusually changed the location for the evening causus to a school named after him by applying pressure(bribed) the Head of the G.O.P. in Vegas.

  • the elderly are less rowdy and usully come in mass swarms durning election time.. they usually go undetected but are very effective with votes.

  • Florida is home to the masses of retired old people from all over the united states. Since most old people cannot understand how to use the internet, they resort to getting their news from CNN and Fox, hence why Ron Paul came in last place.


  • I am from Poland and I strongly support Ron Paul and his ideas.

  • who doesnt like ron paul? i dont understand, please tell me what u dont like about him.

  • LMAO! 2 Ron Paul fans call me a “nigger” (Isn’t that just typical) cause their hero finished in LAST PLACE AGAIN. bwahahaha

    • John

      You lie! You Bahhhh!

    • SupportMyCandidateHeIsALiarAndSoAmI


      Wow, your funny bro.

      I like how you tell outright lies to people to try to manipulate them into not voting for Dr. Ron Paul. . .

      I guess as the old saying goes: “Birds of a feather will flock together”…


  • RON PAUL bring the troops home