Ron Paul’s Speech after Florida Primary: ‘We’ve Only Gotten Started’

  • why does american broudcasting have that shitty look to it all the time

  • I am 68 years old and voted early here in Florida (Lake Wales) for Dr Paul. I cannot understand why people in my age bracket can be lied to by the MSM and the neo cons so easily. But then again …. everytime I have left this state I had a dread of returning. In truth there is no place in the US that is safe or intelligent these days. And people go around repeating what they have been brain washed with believing the BS to be truth.

    Ron Paul 2012 or NOBODY


  • Florida people are dumb as fuck if those numbers are true

  • i say all the politicians that voted for the wars they should go through weapons training and they send themselves over there vote ron paul please if not for our troops for yourself but for our country and our preservation

  • These numbers are complete bull shit.

  • These numbers are complete bull shit.

  • paper ballots paper ballots paper ballots paper ballots paper ballots demand them and get rid of.electronic voting its so much easier to fraud wake up people!

  • You guys should seriously consider cutting Florida adrift and letting it float towards Cuba, your country would be better off without it.

  • PerfectFart77

    I’m a Socialist or Marxist Communist and I’m proud of it. I’m giving Obama another 4 years, I don’t like your unequal Constitution that hinders our progress as human beings. Equal opportunity for everyone ! Legalize Marijuana !

    See my fellow Obamanites at Occupy Wallstreet ! Keep the Change Movement going strong !

    • Pen1sBreath69

      C U at occupy dude maybe ill smoke 1 with u 🙂

      • Pen1sBreath69

        o an ron paul sucks the big one 😀

  • … We now realise that “left” or “right” means nothing when both factions are financed & controlled by large corporate interests. Elections mean nothing when Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, Monsanto, BP et al always get their people into power.
    Ron Paul is changing all that.
    It’s not just the man, who has tirelessly campaigned for liberty & economic sanity for decades…
    It’s the movement mobilising behind these ideas.
    It’s the young foot-soldiers committed to real change.

    Peace 😉

  • Romney said he supports the NDAA wtf else is there to decide people!!!!!!!!! wake up!!!! FOOLs in Florida my home state!!

  • Can’t wait till you get to Missouri. If you were to ask 100 strangers who they are voting for, 95/100 will say Ron Paul..

  • those 700,000 people that voted for Romney want to live in a police state. Those 100,000 people who voted for Ron Paul will start a revolution not to live in one.

  • He really needs to become president :/ , I hope he wins !! RP 2012

  • The girl behind him cannot seem to control her mouth

  • I prefer poll from internet, and many times RP is winner from his voice to people outmatch them completly. Not from this ridiculous poll straw that very starter is being set up by media, we know it, and yet media prefer to follow this tamper vote. Change the news and look to the message that he has spread to us to what media are trying to cover up. And i count people voice and RP outstanding all.

  • this is great. he is sounding clear and focused. the last few speeches he sounded tired the poor man. tired of all the bullshit.

  • John

    The Voting system is such a fraud. 32 states require no photo ID.


    • Liberty

      That’s how both parties will steal the election votes.

      1. Iowa 8 precincts missing ballots in primarily university Ron Paul precincts. Ron started out with 8 delegates and now according the media he has only four delegates. He should of won. He was polling 4% points higher than any other candidate.

      2. N.H. and South Carolina had dead people voting.

      3. The Diebold software is manipulated. And, this year unprecedented rule changes in each state.

  • and even if Dr Paul doesn’t win, the message is winning, more people than ever is waking up, and we all have to spread the message that’s the best way we can help.

  • ron paul you are the winner!