Ron Paul’s Speech after Florida Primary: ‘We’ve Only Gotten Started’

  • Ron Paul is using the lax “drug policy” as bait to draw young and liberal people. He’s not different, it’s marketing. We’re being pandered to. Paul’s got the same old conservative crap going on – he wants to deregulate emissions, dismantle the EPA, he’s thrown in with the ‘global warming is a hoax’ science-denial crowd, he’s In support of anti-abortion laws. He’s a creationist. All the same old BS. Ron Paul is not anything new, or different.


    • Chris

      Wow, you’re full of shit. And pretty goddamn dense.

      I distinctly hear his audience chanting, “End the Fed!” — NOT, “Free our weed!”

      The very concept of the federal reserve and looking closely at it has been entirely foreign to a typical person, and let’s be honest… so has not going a decade without being in some stupid war, apparently.

    • JohnPP

      I’m 24 years old, getting my majors in Law right now and working full time as a cook with no benefits, I’m a Dr. Paul supporter to the fullest. My father served in the US Army for 25 years, he gets involved with some of his buddies every now and then who are part of our local Militia. My Grandfather was a gunny during the second world war in the Pacific, then he joined the Army after the war and went to Korea, he became Chief of this cities fire dept and in his later years owned an ambulance service and worked as a carpenter. My brothers a Police officer here. I’m not one of those so called Hippies or crazy loony Ron Paul supporters the opposition and the media try to make us out to be. I feel insulted and disrespected by their ignorant portrayal of us. We are not voting for Dr. Paul because of legalization, besides he’s only going to stop the Fed from making them illegal, it will be up to your state govt. to decide to enforce a prohibition or not, some will, some wont.. .

      I know for a fact the drug war isn’t working, so does my brother who is a Police Officer and my father who despises drugs. There are infinite reasons to oppose the war on drugs and the federal laws that criminalize persons using them without endorsing or supporting them yourself. . .

      Anyone that would disagree is a total and complete idiot, yes that’s my defense and it’s good enough for total and complete idiots because they aren’t worth my time.

      As far as dismantling the EPA, that’s a part of the Fed, he’s ending the Fed. Does that mean that people won’t care about the environment anymore and won’t help to protect it just as diligently as they have in the past?

      No. It doesn’t, you can still help protect the environment without the Fed…

      yawn. . .

      All the rest you need to actually look up for yourself, you don’t even get half the stuff your talking about. You can’t even fathom what life would be without the fed because your too brainwashed and stupid from sucking on the government teet since you where taken off your mothers… sigh.. .

  • He looks as great man and real true father, I am from Serbia and I want to vote for Ron Paul!

  • stan tana

    I haven’t written in a while, but am dismayed at some of the foul mouthed,ignorant people that are commenting. I glad we have a medium that let’s them share their views, but it would be nice if they could do it in a more civil,educated way. The middle east has been at war for centuries and will continue to do so. Israel can take care of itself and could single handedly wipe out all of it’s enemies.I too, voted for Obama, but Ron Paul’s approach to returning to the constitution WILL UNITE all of us to a common cause.NO OTHER candidate comes close to this CURE, just more politics as usual.Paul’s economic and foreign policy approaches WILL solve the root cause to our nation’s problems.If you want change, listen to him,read the constitution, be brave,educated and tell your friends and VOTE FOR PAUL!

  • The next president of the USA!! Come on people!

  • Fox news poll VOTE NOW We can get the 33.98% HIGHER! I just copied these poll results from the FNC website. O’reilly The factor. No spin poll Romney 43.54% (1,495 votes) Newt Gingrich 17.73% (609 votes) Rick Santorum 4.75% (163 votes) Ron Paul 33.98% (1,167 votes) Vote n post results now! get the word out please. Check, paste and post these stats EVERYWHERE! Fox probably won’t Foxnews website poll Bill Sent from my iPad Sent from my iPad

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    ★ ☆ ★ ☆ RON PAUL 4 PRESIDENT 2012 ☆ ★ ☆ ★

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  • He needs to win Nevada..

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  • Someone asked me if i would vote for Ron Paul. Who else would i vote for lol?

  • I wonder if ron paul knows that he lost florida and came in last place lol

    • AmericanRefugee

      Why do you think he skipped that state entirely other than the debates that aired on National Television you dumb mother fu*ker?

  • Ron Paul lost Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire and now Florida lol. The next 4 caucus are Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota nad Missouri. Do you think he will at least one state? hell no lol


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  • Ron Paul seems so real and always knows what hes talking about. Whoever doesnt vote for him is a complete idiot

  • Much of Florida’s voting block is retired senior citizens who vote for chicken hawks and liberals. This state primary really isn’t impressive for Romney.

    • DanielBloomburg1955

      Sadly, most of these people don’t remember all the hype just before the Vietnam War that led us into that horrible mess. . .

      I do…

      Ron Paul is like John F. Kennedy, I just hope he doesn’t suffer the same “fate” as he.

      I’m an American of Jewish ancestry, I served two tours in Vietnam. I am a Constitutionalist and I support Dr. Ron Paul, this corrupt establishment has to go. Period.


  • It baffles my mind that this man isn’t winning hands down. I’m at a loss for words when it comes to the stupidity of my people. These people aren’t fit to vote, they keep falling for the same tricks and it’s clear that their either clueless, naive, or corrupted.

    We have the answer to the question in Ron Paul.

  • so genuine… so clear how the others are just puppets. ron paul is real.

  • As a Brit I really do hope Ron Paul wins. If he doesn’t, America will be filing for bankruptcy very soon and that would have major affect on Britain and Europe as a whole. Astonished how a lot of Americans are still asleep. Wake up!