Ron Paul’s Speech after Florida Primary: ‘We’ve Only Gotten Started’

  • america is scared of ron paul I don’t understand does the truth hurts scared of the consttution wow I know one thing am voting for ron paul can’t wait

  • Florida voted for Romney…?! More like Flourida….

  • Ron Paul will win!

    Ron Paul 2012!


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  • Awesome!

  • 12ON Paul

  • Good thing Mitt is supported by all the bankers who steal from the American people. He’ll need the money to buy people. Just Obama did. Republican/Democrat? Different sides of the same coin.

  • Potential threat to Romney? Paul is going all the way to the end. Too much support, smart message, smarter tactics and different issues and questions as the race progresses plus implosions among the other candidates will make him a juggernaut come convention time. Can’t wait.

  • Rp 2012!!!

  • Americans are so idiot!!!RON PAUL CAN SAVE YOU !

  • 5:43 “You know, I’ve gotten some advice on the internet once in a while, and the advice is, “Ron, if you would just change your foreign policy you would get a few supporters.” Whaaaaat? Who? Who gives advice like that? Ron Paul is the only candidate with a good foreign policy.

  • To any and all supporters of Dr Paul. Claiming that the polls are rigged you do nothing to help the cause of liberty.You appear paranoid and irrational.The fact of the matter is that although the internet is full of enthusiasm for Ron there is a huge base of support from around the world who verbalise it on these video’s.The majority of people don’t yet embrace these ideal’s! In any social scenario bring up the concept of ending free education or a central bank and see what happens.

  • How stupid must people be to vote for Mitt Romney, Newt or Santorum.
    Alot of Americans must be masochists because those guys will fuck the country up even more.

  • America does not deserve a man like Ron Paul. USA will sink to the abyss, but the rest of the world will know that USA did not go quietly into the night, that people did not surrender without a fight. The upcoming generations will know this, and they will praise Ron Paul and his supporters, and the people who today curses him will be remembered as nothing but specks of dust from the American Golden Age of degeneracy. A man like Ron Paul will never be denied by the heavens, or the history books!

  • you can feel it in the air..this aint over..and i must say Ron Paul has laid the foundation for something big the youth get and im sure the older gen would too but are hazed by lame stream…i ask all ron paul supporters to talk with the older crowd and see if we can change their mind with fatcs info and patcietnce!!! president paul..end the fed …right to the convention!!!! RP 2012!!

  • I’m from England and i support Ron Paul

  • Did you guys see this video on the msnbc website. They cut off like 3 mins in the middle of him speaking on the wars.

  • we always get 2 evils to choose from. When a decent guy gets in, they assassinate him. i’ve never bothered voting but this year i’ll be writing Ron Paul on the ballot.

  • ron paul, humanities last hope

  • Good to see him in Nevada! Ron Paul, FTW!!!!