Ron Paul’s Speech after Florida Primary: ‘We’ve Only Gotten Started’

  • This speech makes me want to cry, I’m so happy to hear that audience. It’s incredible. I love Ron’s smile!! I feel so proud to be a Ron Paul supporter.



    • AmericanRefugee

      What country are you a Citizen of? Will your country be accepting of American Refugees who are trying to flee their Corrupt and Immoral Oppressive Government?

      If not then you probably would do best to keep your mouth shut then, if Liberty fails then there are a lot of good people here that will suffer because of it. Not all of us think what our Government has done, not just recently but for decades, is right or has been just. If we where stronger then we could stop it, we’re not that strong yet, we’re trying and that right there deserves respect and gratitude from the rest of the world.

      We’re trying okay? Imagine how it feels from this side of the fence….

      Can you? Can you understand how frustrating this is? The clock is ticking and every second counts, innocent human lives are at stake, not just American ones but ones all over the world…

      Alright, no pressure guys . . .

  • He will win. I hope to God he will win. The outcome of both is sad however. The last two presidents who were as audacious and honest and great were killed. Abe and JFK. I think RP would be the third. If that happens, there will be a civil war. If Ron Paul doesn’t win and there is some conspiracy (the only way he’ll lose) there will be a Revolution. Remember we have the right. Right to bear arms, right to assemble, right to freedom and liberty.Defend your country of enemies foreign And Domestic.

  • America NEEEEEDDSSS Ron Paul…. even though he’s not winning these battles, he is going to win the war. He is going to become president.

  • Even if he doesn’t get the presidency. Ron Paul will be remembered a legend just as JFK and Martin Luther are

    • AmericanRefugee

      You honestly believe if Dr. Paul loses that the Establishment’s going to have any of that?


  • There is no problem with your delivery, I am reading you loud and clear Mr President !

  • the delegates go to corrpted ones , thats why he lost. the the one who control the votes is not the voters but the owner of the delegates. so it’s a scam we need to talk about the one who control the delegates cause they wre benifeting from the corruption. I’m so happy now the new generation in the US is understanding now whats going on and it’s your job as honest faithful people who love there country to continue the vision and protect your land from the theives in politics to expose them

    • AmericanRefugee

      Yea, I was kinda thinking the same thing, we’ll see. Time will tell if this Revolution will become hot or not. . . hey, maybe they’ll ban guns and declare Martial Law before then though, or put in place that Global Internet Treaty Obama signed with the UN that’s worse than SOPA. . .

      I wonder how many of you will surrender your guns after your threatened with jail with the excuse: I have a family blah blah blah

      Wonder how many of you would have given up and moved on after SOPA would have been enacted or will, if Obama’s internet treaty ever becomes active. . .

      Wonder how may of you who said the Establishment where crooks and killers and Israel could defend herself, and everything against Iran is Propaganda will join the military when and if the US Establishment declares war on them. . .

      See, my fellow American’s I know you all better than you know yourselves. . .

      That’s why most of you disgust me.

  • Quick, vote for this man before he dies of old age

    • AmericanRefugee

      He challenged all of the rest of the candidates to a 25 mile bike ride in 100 degree texas heat. . .

      I’d bet he would ride circles around all of them, bet he would you too you fat ass. . .

  • 론 파울 만세!!! 만세! 만만세!

    I am support to Ron Paul from the Republic of Korea!!!!!!!

    • ChowYoungFat




    • JohnPP

      C’mon, Dr. Pauls a christian and so am I. No blasphemy please friend. Thanks

  • today donald backs up mitt romney beacouse of he dont want ron paul come in and high the taxes for the ritch fucking scumbag peace of trash donald is

    • AmericanRefugee

      Don Trump is a piece of shit and has no ethic or moral obligations when it comes to what he wants… Same with Willard Romney.

  • Can you people imagine politics before the internet??? Dirty and worse….. Lets take advantage of our generation and give Paul a real chance to make it to the white house

  • There are too many stupid illiterate Americans voting. There are also too many passive pussies who witness voting fraud and don’t do anything about it.

  • guess america just wants to hear the same old sh*t. mitt singing america the beautiful at every public appearance?!? WTF America!? WAKE UP!

  • Kevin Jordan

    Very good article on Ron Paul’s Caucus Strategy, which begins in Nevada!!

  • 13183597193 Someone text me!! Im bored, so keep me entertained somehow. Haha. I looooveee Newt Gingrich!!

  • florida wasent gonna be huge for him, he knows that. hes on to bigger and better states

  • Ron Paul!!! Neocons are pathetic